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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Lucky Draw Results
Ticket #50 Missingno. Master - Wins 5 Piles of Ash w/Soot Sack

Roulette Results
Missingno. Master (1,000 coins each)
Spin #01: Blue Togepi (5000)
Spin #02: Red Wynaut (3000)
Spin #03: Violet Azurill (0)
Spin #04: Red Wynaut (3000)
Spin #05: Red Azurill (0)
Total Win: 11,000 coins

Fixed Lucky Draw Members
Ticket #50 Missingno. Master - 8 draws remaining
Ooh, interesting haul this time. Claiming the Soot Sack, the 5 Piles of Ash, and 11,000 coins.

Betting 5,000 of those coins on the Roulette. All together, now- 5 spins, 1,000 coins per spin, all on Blue Wynaut.

Finally, taking 6,000 coins with me back to the Coin Exchange.
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