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Vanth turns to Gemini, her smile widening at the sight of his happiness. Thinking for a moment, the young personality that had cried out before seems to be inclined to speak again, asking, "Hey, Gemini... Have you ever been in love before?"

Cheshire grins, shuffling the cards up again and dividing them into equal decks once more. "The nature of War is that it never really ends," he comments with an odd little smile. "To battle once more, my rival!"

Coselle chuckles darkly at Marvolo's admission that he never met her in this current form. "Perhaps with a new body comes a new beginning, hmmmmm? We will be seeing a lot more of each other, will we not? Might as well make the best of it."

At first, Kuranes senses that the Seviper was less than thrilled to see him, and his ears droop, his big, grey eyes clearly expressing his disappointment; however, Marvolo quickly amends his initial rude reaction, giving Kuranes a relatively respectful Hello. Kuranes' ears immediately perk back up at the new greeting, and he smiles at the Seviper merrily.

What is it like to be a snake? I always wondered how difficult it must be to exist without appendages like most creatures have... Kuranes tilts his head. Is it hard? Do you adapt well?

A sudden knock at the door makes Coselle jump as her eyes immediately turn toward the entrance of Keith's Secret Base. She scowls somewhat at the interruption, thinking that now she would have to wait even longer to fulfill her promise to rend Keith limb from limb. Hopefully, it was just some door-to-door salesman or someone handing out Church of Arceus pamphlets... but the emotions radiating outside the door were clearly those of friendly intent as opposed to the slight nervousness and detached motivation of a salesman or proselytizer. Dammit, she mutters to herself.
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