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It was a crisp afternoon in Fizzytopia. This particular day a young teen and his pokemon, Aipom were walking on there way to a friends. The location wasn't the prettiest, it was completely barren except for the few dead trees and a huge creepy mansion overlooking the place. "Alright if I got this right Kieth's base should be right over that hill." Said Jake. Pom let out a sigh, they had been walking for a good 45 minutes and he was getting tired. As Jake and Pom got over the hill they both spotted a dead tree with a tree house in it. "Yep that's it Pom, come on lets go!' Jake said before running over. As Pom and Jake got to the rope ladder, Jake realized for the first time that Pom had actually been hiding something behind his back. "Giving something to Cyanide again?" Jake asked. Pom didn't respond but by then it was kind of obvious. Jake then gave a knock on the door, Pom right behind him.
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