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One of Vanth's ruder personalities rolled the Spiritomb's eyes, apparently unconvinced by Gemini's statement. In spite of this, Gemini noticed the slightest hint of a smile following this statement. Both heads smiled back at the Spiritomb. The small smile from her could have been one of the nicer personalities taking the helm, but the larger head had a gut feeling that the rude personality was starting to warm up to him. Whichever the case, it was evident that the Spiritomb was happy here, and seeing that made Gemini happy as well.

Melittin couldn't help but grin as he emerged victorious over Cheshire, even if only in a card game rather than a battle, as he would have so preferred. "You know what? Yeah," the Weedle replied. "Yeah, sure I'll play again."

Though Coselle seemed initially displeased at Marvolo's approach, the Seviper's unexpected attempt at being respectful convinced Coselle to respond likewise. "No, I don't believe I have," Marvolo replied as Coselle asked whether Marvolo had yet met her in human form. Then, Kuranes greeted Marvolo cheerfully, and the Seviper rolled his eyes. He was tempted to respond rudely, but then thought back to when he had first met the Eevee on his team...

Originally Posted by flashback
"OK, Marvolo," Keith said as he walked over to the Seviper. "Ready to meet your new teammate?"

"Another one?" grumbled Marvolo. "What does this make now, thirty?"

"Twenty-nine, math whiz," smirked Cyanide as Keith placed the Eevee on the ground. "The name's Cyanide, and you would do well to remember that."

"I beg your freaking pardon?" hissed Marvolo. "Do you realize who you're talking to?"

"Not really," yawned Cyanide. "You've yet to bore me with your name."

"How dare you!" Marvolo exclaimed, glaring down at the insolent Eevee before Wrapping her in his coils. "For your information, I am Marvolo, and you would do well to remember that!"

"Is that a fact," remarked Cyanide in a distinctly bored tone of voice. "Well, I'm tired of this. Let me out of here."

"Oh, I don't think so just yet- GAH!" Marvolo hissed as Cyanide interrupted him with a Shadow Ball to the face. The level difference meant that it didn't hurt Marvolo very much, but it was a definite irritation.

"You were saying?" smirked Cyanide.

"I said I will not let you out- GAH! Stop that at once! GAH! You stupid little- GAH! FINE!" shouted Marvolo as he released the Eevee from his coils with great force after having endured another three Shadow Balls, yet Cyanide landed gracefully on her feet. "But be warned, you disrespectful shit, this is not over!"

"It looks over to me, bitch," smirked Cyanide as she walked away, leaving behind a fuming Marvolo to plot how best to get back at her.
As Marvolo recalled his less than favorable first encounter with Cyanide, he began to think that perhaps Kuranes wasn't going to be so bad after all. "Good to meet you," Marvolo nodded to Kuranes.

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