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"Psh, right..." One of the more rude personalities rolls her eyes, unconvinced of the truth of Gemini's statement. Even so, she ends her statement with a hint of a smile... Was she changing personalities, or was one of the more negative among them starting to warm up to him? Either way, she seemed happy despite the confusion within her mind, the sights before her filling her eyes with joy.

Cheshire reshuffles the cards and divides the deck in two equal portions, giving Melittin one and keeping the other for himself. The game takes some time, especially with the constant back-and-forth of winning and losing, but after a few victorious wars and a bit of good luck, Melittin eventually wins all of the cards in the deck. Cheshire throws illusory confetti in the air at the Weedle's victory, grinning widely. "Amazing! You have bested me at the game of War! Congratulations. Would you like to play again, or shall we play a different game?" Cheshire grins. "Perhaps we could invite some other Pokemon to play with us."

While Coselle cuddles with Kuranes, she senses the presence of a snakelike creature approaching... Holding Kuranes close, she looks suspiciously towards the window, realizing that Marvolo was likely nearby. Coselle scowls a bit at the thought of the pompous bully, and the fact that her ability to intimidate him had likely shrank into nothing now that she was a petit, fragile human woman... but damned if she was going to let him get the best of her!

To her surprise, the greeting that Marvolo gives her is surprisingly devoid of anger or intimidation. Given that he was attempting to be respectful, Coselle reasons that she should probably react in kind. "Marvolo," she responds with a nod. "I do not believe that you have met me in this form yet, have you?" Coselle discretely, yet protectively holds Kuranes, who squeaks out a happy Hello from Coselle's arms. Nice to meet you, the Eevee adds with a grin. You are Marvolo? My name is Kuranes, but everyone calls me K! The Eevee's tail swishes such that it tickles under Coselle's chin, making her laugh.
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