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Gemini and Vanth were both enjoying the view, when the Spiritomb suddenly uttered the word "no".

"Vanth?" Gemini's larger head asked in concern as they turned to face her. At that moment, however, the darker personality from before surfaced. Instead of attacking, however, she stated that any effort on their part to win Vanth over would be for nothing, and that the other souls could only contain her for so long. She then presented the possibility that Gemini would be the first one that she would kill once the other souls no longer had any control over her. At that moment, however, the other souls managed to take back the wheel. The personality now in charge stated that while they couldn't wait to see the sunset, whatever the more evil soul had done would likely make Gemini not want to see it with them.

Gemini shook their heads. "Not at all," the larger head said firmly. "Whoever that is, we don't plan to let her spoil this. Not when... not when it's so nice being with the rest of you."

Melittin nodded as Cheshire explained the game's rules. "Alright, yeah, I think I got it," stated the Weedle. "Let's get started."

As Coselle distanced herself a bit, another one of Keith's Pokemon made their way into the room. Through an open window slithered a large Seviper. Once Marvolo was entirely inside, he raised his head and looked around, though he froze as he spotted Coselle. He vividly remembered how much she freaked both him and Amethyst out, back at the Bar, as a Banette, and so it never really sat too well with him that well that she and Keith were dating, to put it mildly. Still, it had been made clear to him, by Meowth, and later by Keith, that he wasn't to do anything to Coselle. Indeed, Marvolo was always hesitant to do something that would upset Keith, so he figured he might as well make an effort. He slithered over until he was next to the couch, on the side closest to Coselle.

"Coselle," Marvolo greeted her.

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