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Vanth follows Gemini through the forest, eager to join him on the hilltop. The personalities all weigh in with their thoughts as they travel; some are simply excited to be out in the forest, while others complain that they'd rather be at an amusement park or going to a movie, though other personalities rudely remind them that such a trip would be impossible in their current state. When they finally reach the top of the hill, however, Vanth falls silent; the view atop the hill is astoundingly beautiful, just as Gemini had promised. Her green eyes widen to take in all the sights, and for once, none of her personalities feel like chiming in. She smiles at the vision before her, her heart filling with awe. In the silence, Vanth looks strangely vulnerable, despite the powerful Pokemon her personalities inhabit.

A shocked expression suddenly appears on Vanth's face, and she can do little more than utter the word "No" before a darker personality overtakes her. Grinning like mad at Gemini, the Spiritomb's wild eyes turn toward the Weezing with a predatory expression. This time, however, the personality does not attack immediately.

"What do you intend to do with them, Gemini?" The voice is dark and ominous, yet still distinctly feminine. "Do you intend to win a hundred souls over? Intend to waste your time? It will all be for nothing..." The Spiritomb laughs ominously. "They can only contain me for so long. Perhaps... Perhaps you will be the first one I kill when the voices sto- UGH!" Vanth cries out, as the dark personality that surfaced is pulled back down into Vanth's subconscious.

"H-Hey... What were we talking about before? Oh, the sunset... We cannot wait to see it!" Vanth sighs, her eyes watering. "But... but if she did take over again... She probably did things that made you not want to see it with us."

Meanwhile, Cheshire divides the deck of cards into two piles, and sets one beside the Weedle. "The rules are simple," the Gastly says with a smile. "Think of the deck as your soldiers. You send each card into battle against one of my cards. Here..." Gemini overturns the top card in his deck and the top card in Weedle's deck. "See? You got an 8 and I got a 2. Your soldier is more powerful than mine, so you win both of the cards." Cheshire takes the two cards and places them at the bottom of Melittin's deck. "It goes this way, with each of us drawing a card and seeing who wins, taking the cards we win into our decks, until we tie. For example, if we were to both draw a 7, we would declare War, and each play an additional two cards, one face down, and one face up. If one of the face up cards beats the other, than all six cards belong to the victor of that battle. We then continue the game until someone loses all the cards in their deck; that is the person who loses. Makes sense?" Cheshire grins. "It is a simple game, but one that I enjoy. Shall we play, Melittin?"

Coselle decides to let Myrtle, Helena and Keith share their family moment, distancing herself a bit and taking the corner of the couch for herself, silently watching events unfold. Kuranes, who sees that his trainer's sister is all alone, decides to gracefully hop into her lap, curling himself up into a warm ball of purring cuteness. Coselle gently picks the Pokemon up from her lap and cuddles with him, his tail swishing as he makes himself comfortable in Coselles arms.

"Hey, K..." Coselle smiles at the grinning Eevee. She speaks to Kuranes softly, so as not to interrupt Keith and his pair of Shuppet. "What have you been up to, little one?"

The Eevee nuzzles up against Coselle's cheek, but does not answer the question.

"A bit of trouble then, hmmmm?" Coselle cackles a bit. Kuranes tilts his head innocently, as if he has no idea what Coselle could be talking about. Instead, he turns toward the lid that he had helped Helga, Six and Pomona make, and mews happily, indicating to Coselle that Helga and her friends worked hard to build the lid.

"And am I to assume you had no part in its construction, K?" Coselle smirks as K nods his head emphatically. "You are a bad liar, you know that?" K gives Coselle giant, puppy-dog eyes to illustrate his sadness, and Coselle chuckles gently. "Oh, fine. I won't tell anyone." Kuranes yips excitedly and gives Coselle a lick on the cheek as a thank you for keeping the secret. Coselle gently lets the Eevee down to play some more, reclining into the couch and letting her thoughts wander.
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