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Gemini's suggestion seemed to be an acceptable one to at least most of the personalities, even at least one of the more negative ones. Both heads smiled as they led the way out the door, and past numerous trees until they reached the top of the hill. As Gemini had promised, the view was magnificent. The sun wouldn't start setting for a while yet, but when it did, their current location would promise an ideal spot from which to view the sunset. Gemini turned to face the Spiritomb. "Like we said, nice view, am I right?" asked the smaller head.

"It's always nice and quiet up here," the larger head added.

Melittin gave a small grin at Cheshire's suggestion to play War. "Alright, why not?" he said. "You're gonna have to walk me through the rules of the game, though."

Coselle had held Keith's hand all through the sudden, shocking realization that Helena, his Shuppet, was in fact his older sister, until the moment came for Keith to hug Helena. Coselle kept silent throughout the moment, not wanting to spoil it for either of them, and even Myrtle said nothing throughout this.

"You know, Helena," Keith said once the hug was over (which admittedly took a good few minutes), "Pretty much the whole reason I decided to start my Pokemon journey in Fizzytopia instead of Kanto was because I wanted to try and see if I could find you."

"Did-n't our par-ents tell you what my name was?" Helena asked. "Would that not have helped the search?"

"They did, but only once, when I was, like, 3 or something," sighed Keith. "They didn't talk about you much, they always regretted having to give you up. All I had to do was say the words 'my sister' and it was too much for them to handle." Keith sighed again. "I gotta say, I never thought I would meet you under circumstances like these," he added. "See, whenever I pictured the scene, you were kinda... how do I put this?"

"A-live?" suggested Helena with a small smile. Keith chuckled a little bit.

"Pretty much, yeah," he smiled. "Still, I can't exactly complain about this," he added. "It might not be the reunion I had in mind, but finally finding you after all these years..." He did not finish the sentence, but Helena didn't need him to.

As Myrtle watched Keith and Helena, she thought back to when she was alive, thought about her own family. How they were all brutally killed by Missingno. hunters, how she had to live the majority of her life with no family... As she was thinking, Helena turned to face Myrtle. "Come o-ver here, Myr-tle," Helena invited her.

"No... I would not want to in-trude," Myrtle replied.

"Intrude?" said Keith. "Myrtle, Helena accepted you as her big sister back when she first joined the team. As far as I'm concerned, even if you're not blood, you're still family. Now come here."

Myrtle hesitated for a moment, then the tiniest of smiles formed on her mouth. She floated over to the couch, and allowed Keith to hug both Shuppet. This was another hug which lasted for a good few minutes, and though Myrtle did not show much happiness on her face, she was all too aware that both Helena and Coselle would be able to sense it nonetheless. It seemed to strike her at that moment that Keith not only took her in and cared for her in spite of her constant bad attitude, especially towards him initially, but was actually accepting of her past as a Missingno., something she had never encountered before.

Once that hug was over, Myrtle wordlessly floated away, though made sure she gave Keith and Helena an actual noticeable smile first.

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