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Gemini listened patiently as Vanth started to talk amongst themselves. The dialogue quickly became more rapid and more agitated, and Gemini's heads exchanged glances as they thought furiously. They wanted to think of something, and quick, before a full-scale fight broke out again and they would be forced to go with another Thunderbolt.

"Actually, I have another idea," the larger head said, speaking over the Spiritomb's various personalities. "There's this hill not too far from here, there's a great view from there, and it's really quiet and peaceful there. We could go there if you all like."

Cheshire responded to Melittin's outburst by telling him a story of a Magikarp and a Feebas. Once he had finished, the Weedle had to give some thought to what the Gastly had just told him before he spoke up. "So, what you're saying is, it could be that me being the way I've been, it might not help out as much as I think it will in the long run?" The Weedle sighed. "Maybe there's something to that... it's just I hate the idea of being thought of as weak! But... I guess Keith will help me with that, won't he?" He gave a weak smile. "Thanks, Cheshire. That helped, a bit, I guess."

Coselle stated that while Keith's parents would not likely approve of her, she could easily circumvent this with a little stretching of the truth, by creating a good (if not necessarily true) first impression. Keith couldn't help but grin at this. As the subject turned to his long lost sister, however, Coselle took significantly much more interest, wondering how Keith could live with never having found her. "I know," sighed Keith. "It's hard to get a lead when I don't even remember her name. I only heard it once, and all I remember is it starts with H. Doesn't exactly narrow it down..."

Myrtle floated over to Keith, a contented grin on her face. "De-li-cious," she smirked. "Your long-ing to find your sis-ter is most ap-pe-ti-zing. You should send He-le-na out, this is good stuff- Meat Sack, what is it?"

For at that moment, Keith's eyes had gone wide. Very wide, as though he had just realized something so impossibly mind blowing he wasn't sure he believed it. His mind had just added two and two together in a way that had somehow never occurred to him before, the distant memory he had only partially remembered now returning more clearly than ever before, all of this triggered by Myrtle's mention of-

"Helena," Keith murmured.

"What a-bout her?" Myrtle asked.

"Her name," Keith said. "My- my sister's name. Oh my Arceus, I remember now, her name is Helena." It struck him as odd that this had never occurred to him before, but then, he must not have been thinking of his sister and his Shuppet at the same time before now.

Now it was Myrtle's turn for her eyes to go wide. "Wait... Are you thin-king-" she began.

"I... I'm not sure what to think," Keith said as he was now glancing at a Poke Ball in his hand. "She... she was human when she was alive... how old did she say she was when she died?"

"Twen-ty five," Myrtle muttered. "She died not long be-fore her Egg hatched, too."

"That fits!" Keith gasped. "Oh my Arceus. I... could she..." He wasn't even sure what he was feeling at the moment- excitement at the prospect of this mystery finally being solved? Apprehension at the notion that could all just be one huge coincidence? All of the above and more? Yeah, probably that last one right there.

"Send her out," Myrtle stated. "We must find out at once."

Wordlessly, Keith tossed the Poke Ball, sending the second Shuppet out. "Hel-lo!" Helena cheerfully greeted Keith, Myrtle, and Coselle before noticing the look on her trainer's face, plus the jumbled mess of emotions he was radiating. "What is it?" she asked.

"Helena, I... I have a couple of questions for you, if it's OK with you," Keith said.

"Of course it is O-K," Helena smiled. "What is it?"

"When you were alive," began Keith, "by any chance, were you adopted?"

Helena's eyes widened slightly. "How... how did you know that?" she asked. "I ne-ver men-tioned that be-fore... I grew up in Fiz-zy-to-pi-a, but I was told my birth pa-rents were from a-noth-er re-gion-"

"Not Hoenn?" Keith asked.

"How are you do-ing that?" Helena asked. "Y-yes, Ho-enn!"

At that moment, Myrtle spoke up. "All right, here is what we will do." She used Psychic to levitate two pieces of paper and two pens into the air. Keith grabbed a paper and pen, and Helena used Psychic to grab the other ones. "The both of you will write your last names on that pa-per."

Using her psychic powers, Helena moved the pen across the paper, while Keith scribbled furiously on his piece of paper. Myrtle collected both pieces of paper once they were done writing, and a grin spread across her face. "Well, well, well," she smirked. "Keith Mas-ters, I be-lieve you have found your sis-ter." She turned both pieces of paper to face Keith and Helena. On both of them was written one word; Masters.

Keith's jaw dropped, as did Helena's, as the two faced each other. For a moment, the two just exchanged looks of shock. Then, Helena zoomed into Keith's arms as he hugged her tightly, both of them leaking tears of joy. Neither of them could think of what to say, so they hugged in silence for several minutes. As they broke apart, Keith was grinning impossibly widely.

"You have men-tioned your sis-ter ma-ny times since tra-ding for her," Myrtle stated. "How did you not think of this soo-ner?"

"I have no idea," replied Keith. "I guess they were both just on different trains of thought until just now.

"Oh, this is so won-der-ful!" Helena exclaimed. "You have al-ways seemed like fa-mi-ly to me, Keith, and now I know that we real-ly are fa-mi-ly... This is awe-some!"

"I know, sis," nodded Keith, still grinning. "I know."

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