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Vanth thinks for a moment, though it is clear that her personalities are likely in an uproar. Through murmurs to herself, Gemini can piece together the nature of the argument;

"Why not suggest someplace else to go? A garbage dump? What the hell do you see in him? What's that supposed to mean? What if there's something fun at the garbage dump? Have you actually been? It smells! Can we even smell things like we could as a human? I can smell your stupid little friend- Oh, don't you DARE. Hold your tongue. He's gone through enough abuse from us as it is. Why don't we suggest a place we'll all like? Is there an amusement park or a fair we could go to? Or a nice dinner? Psh, yeah, like we could last through a dinner without being kicked out of the place." The monologue that is actually a dialog goes on, getting progressively more rapid and agitated as Vanth continues to mutter to herself.

Cheshire listens to Melittin's outburst with a gentle expression, and cannot help but feel sorry for the little Weedle despite his initial rotten attitude. Cheshire grins widely, as a small book materializes in his ghostly appendage. "Perhaps I should tell you the tale of the Feebas and the Magikarp. It is an old story, passed down from many generations of spirits. I think you will find the tale enlightening." Cheshire coughs, clearing his throat to begin the story. "Once upon a time, there was a Feebas born in the dankest, murkiest lake in all of Fizzytopia. Littered with garbage, laced with toxic waste and thick with filth, the water in which this poor baby swam was pure and utter poison. Though she could tolerate her environment, she found it difficult to grow; the Tentacool and Tentacruel who thrived in the toxic pond all laughed at her, firing insults and acid at her wretched body. Full of rage and hurt, the young Feebas came across a Magikarp in the pond one day. Resolving to grow stronger, she engaged him in battle... and he lost. Proud of her victory, she sought out this Magikarp every day, beating him and beating him until he had no strength left with which to fight. The fighting made her strong, yes... but the great irony was that it added nothing to her beauty. The deep, inner beauty that would have given her true strength was denied to her.

Years went by. No matter how many times she defeated the Magikarp in the pond, she never truly grew stronger. She would attempt to fight passing Tentacool, but despite all her training, it never seemed to be enough. The Feebas, for all her fighting, never changed.

One day, the Magikarp was captured by a trainer. This trainer vowed to make the Magikarp strong. The Feebas, angered by the loss of her punching bag, tried to attack the trainer, only to be knocked back into the pond, unconscious.

What happened next? Difficult to say. I am told that the Magikarp served his trainer well. I am told that his battles gave him true strength. Some say the Magikarp evolved, and returned to the pond only to consume the wretched Feebas in one gulp. Some say that the trainer caught the Feebas as well, and forced the creature to fight Gyarados every single day, enduring the same fate that she exacted on the Magikarp. I do not know which fate is worse."

Cheshire sighs. "Is there a lesson in all of it? Perhaps not... Perhaps life is simply cruel to some Pokemon. But perhaps the Feebas had more control over her fate than she realized..."

Meanwhile, Keith admits that his parents would likely not approve of her, though perhaps they would understand that being with her was what made him truly happy. Coselle smirks, tossing her long hair back with a flourish. "If they're nice people, as you say, then I am certain I could make a good impression... Perhaps not a true impression, but enough to keep them content with their son's choices." Coselle smirks. "I know how the whole ritual goes. Wear conservative, yet cute clothes; smile and listen to all they have to say with an engaged, vibrant expression..." Coselle mimics a calm, gentle smile, similar to that of her more demure sister; doing a near-perfect imitation of Marion's way of speaking, she pretends to shake an invisible father's hand. "A pleasure to meet you, sir! My name is Coselle. I am taking courses at the college in Fizzytopia... Oh, your son is such a wonderful man! He is so respectful and kind." The darkness creeps back into Coselle's expression as her impression fades. Even so, she seems bright and cheerful in her own way; "Ah, but your parents do indeed sound interesting. It would be no lie that I would want to hear what they would have to say. A brilliant cook and an experienced firefighter, hmmmm?" Coselle tries to picture them in her head, pausing for a moment. "If it is true that they love you, then I can find no fault with them."

Keith goes on to describe a long lost sister which he has never met, and Coselle's eyes widen with intrigue. "A sister? And you have not found her yet?" Coselle tilts her head, her expression rife with curiosity. "How can you live knowing that your sister is out there, and you have not met her? She is your sibling! She shares your blood! Do you not feel compelled in any way to go to her?" The thought that Keith had not yet found this mysterious sister seems to fill Coselle with confusion. "Are there no leads? We are in the very region she supposedly lives... Would it be so difficult to find her?" Coselle gently lifts her body up from the couch, before whirling around, pinning Keith to his spot, her vivid eyes locked on his, an ominous cackle echoing from her throat. "I can help, you know... If there is one thing I am good at, it is hunt- er, finding people."

Pomona gladly helps Kuranes by lifting him with her vines. Though Pisces is not thrilled about the new lid, and attempts to show off her immense Superpower once again to destroy this obstruction to the outside world, this new lid withstands the onslaught surprisingly well. Of course, Pisces was fatigued after her first Superpower, but even so, the way it held was definitely promising. Kuranes cries out happily at the sight of their lid working so effectively.

Helga, we did it! Keith will be so proud of you! Kuranes nimbly jumps down from Pomona's hold, landing gracefully on his feet. If anyone asks, I had nothing to do with this, he says with a sly wink, before beginning to wander off, looking for someone else to talk to.
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