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For Gmoyes: Hope this qualifies as an entry and not self updating. I tried to create an area in which you still have some freedom in choosing what I'll encounter.


"Well Rags, it's official."
"Ru?" The little Ralts next to the young man looked up at his trainer confused.
"It's official. That we're LOST!" He smashed his PokÚdex on the ground while uttering his last words. He was now almost heaving from frustration. He had been using his PokÚdex the last few hours to find an interesting location to explore or possibly even a small town to rest. Instead, they found themselves hopelessly lost in a forest of which they didn't even known it's name.

Lucas took another look at his surroundings. So far there was nothing of interest around him. Only trees and bushes and not much else he could see in the distance. He was following a trail that could arguably be considered a path through the forest.

When looking up, it was clear that the warm, lit up sky had been turning darker the last half hour. Dusk was going to approach soon and they weren't prepared to camp out in the woods. "Typical," the Ralts thought to himself. His trainer doesn't always prepare for everything, least of all camping in the wilds. He was more the kind of guy to sleep in comfortable beds. His pokÚmon was quite similar in that fashion, having been raised as a house pet since they were both little.

Both of them let out a small gasp of surprise. Rags a split second later, it's horns giving off a soft glow.
Originally Posted by PokÚdex
Ralts, the Feeling PokÚmon. It can use the horns on its head to read human emotions. Ralts rarely shows itself to humans, but may occasionally approach when it senses positive or happy feelings.
They had just seen a fallen log that they had passed twice already. It was recognizable in the fact that there was a small clearing near it and the wood was fresh rather than rotten.

Lucas gave a disgruntled sigh and headed towards it. He took off his white, long sleeved shirt but still kept on his black sleeveless one underneath. Despite the fact that it was getting darker the last few moments, the forest he was in was relatively hot and both of them had need for some rest after hiking for several hours. They both lied down, leaning against the fallen tree while the sun's rays were bathing them while it still could. Again simultaneously, with Rags being a split second slower.

The trainer lit up one of his cigarettes. After taking a deep breath, he had calmed down from his frustrated state and started thinking logically for once, trying to find a solution. He inspected his PokÚdex first. He had used it as a map for the area, though unsuccessfully, and when he threw it to the ground, it had suddenly stopped working. Adding to his annoyance and problems. He blew out another breath of smoke before finding the problem; a small simple screw had loosened from the impact. After simply tightening it, he heard something click inside and the PokÚdex turned back on. After another inspection, the trainer concluded that he still couldn't make heads or tails out of it's map.

He gave up on it again. He placed it back in his pocket and remained there, smoking the last of his cigarette. It was only when he was actually relaxing that he noticed how fatigued he really was. He turned his head towards his pokÚmon. Rags had already dozed off. Not surprising, but still worrying. If they couldn't find shelter soon, they'd have to stay in the forest overnight. The mere though sent a shiver down his spine.

There were still a few hours left of sun, so when his eyelids started closing themselves, he convinced himself it was best to take a small rest before continuing. "Just a a power nap," he thought.

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