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Re: SS Tidal Mystery Cruise

Originally Posted by enchantress
As much as it pains me to do this there really is no point in continuing with the Tidal Cruise, so I'm cancelling it as of now.

The cruises are designed for mass updating which means the plot works around there being at least nine out of the twelve members replying to each and every update, a quota that just isn't being met despite me waiting a month between updates for those replies to come in. The first Tidal cruise died due to inactivity just before the old UPN went off air, but I was hoping this one would do better. It did for a little while there, but we just don't have the numbers to keep it going and there are only so many times I'm willing to rework the plot to account for there being less people. I've done so twice now, and am not willing to do it a third time. Considering these cruises are supposed to run quickly, waiting weeks only to receive less than half of the replies needed to keep it going appears to be an unreasonable expectation on my part. I only have so much patience, and I've been more than reasonable by keeping it going this long despite the lack of replies, but I'm not going to waste any more of my time on an event that's being treated like a joke.

Those of you who have replied to at least one of the last two updates will receive some rewards for the effort you've already put in, but if you haven't replied at all to either of them then I'm assuming you really don't give a damn and have dropped out anyway. The remaining active passengers are:

New Passengers
lilbluecorsola: For not only replying, but replying well, you'll receive 2 candies, 3,000 coins, a Corsola Keyring, Shiny Corsola Keyring, Corsola Ball, and Corsola Cup as memorabilia of an event that died through no fault of your own.

Due to the almost complete lack of interest in RPing by members throughout FB as a whole, I sincerely doubt that another Cruise will ever be run. Perhaps if interest in replying sparks up again it'll be considered one day, but there are no guarantees.

It was nice while it lasted.
*huggles Tessa* I'm really sad to see this go, especially after you put so much work into it. It's a shame it had to end, but I understand why, and I'm really glad I was given a chance to participate in such an awesome event (if only briefly). Thank you so much for giving it your all.

Picking up:

2x Rare Candies
3000x Coins
1x Corsola Keyring
1x Shiny Corsola Keyring
1x Corsola Ball
1x Corsola Cup

Thank you again. *squoozles* <3
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