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One of Vanth's less-than-courteous personalities responded to Gemini's question by stating that they could help by stop forcing them to remember their pasts. Then, a decidedly nicer personality took hold and suggested that they should go somewhere, do something fun. "Sure, we could do that," the Weezing's larger head replied. "Did you have anywhere or anything in particular in mind?"

"We usually go over to the garbage dump when we're feeling down," the smaller head added. "But then, that's pretty much just a Weezing thing, I get the distinct feeling you wouldn't enjoy that."

Cheshire floated after Melittin, reassuring him, stating that his aim was impressive for his level, but also warning him that his indiscriminate firing of Poison Sting was a surefire way to get him pummeled into Weedle pulp someday. At this, Melittin became furious.

"That's exactly my problem!" the Weedle exploded (though given that this is a Weedle we're talking about here, it wasn't that significantly loud of an outburst). "Everyone just finds it sooo easy to crush the little tiny bug into mush! I got to look out for freaking FOOTWEAR, for crying out loud!! I don't want that! I want to be powerful, I want to be respected! I want others to take a look at me and realize in that instant that I am not just something that can cease to be depending on how they step, but something that could kill them if I so choose! Is... is that really so much to ask?" he added quietly. "Is it really so much to ask, to be truly respected, to have some real power, to be a viable threat to my enemies? I put everything I had into those Poison Stings I launched at Chuck, and he laughed it off like it was nothing! I want to evolve into a Beedrill, Cheshire, and as soon as possible," Melittin stated. "Nobody fucks with a Beedrill."

Coselle's delight at Melittin's comeuppance was obvious, and her attempts at disguising it poor. Keith did not object, of course- as far as he was concerned, Melittin did indeed have it coming. It was then that Coselle asked Keith about his family, while admitting that she was not keep on the subject herself. As she suggested that she was probably not the kind of lady that he would want them to meet, he chuckled.

"Yeah, I'm not entirely sure they'd approve of you," he admitted with a laugh. "Then again, maybe they would, as long as they knew I was happy. I don't know," he shrugged. "That kind of subject didn't come up often, to be honest. They're decent people, really, very nice. My mom- best cook in all of Lavaridge, hands down. My dad works as a firefighter- and given that they live in Lavaridge Town, which is a stone's throw from a volcano, and contains a Gym which specializes in Fire-types, he keeps fairly busy. He was a trainer in his youth, and his Blastoise is a huge help to him at work from what I hear. I left home when I was 14 to become a trainer, though- I never was one to stay at home, I was always wandering around town, and exploring the nearby volcano and the caves within- that's how I ended up with Gemini, in fact. But anyway, I keep in touch with them, though not as often as I ought to," he admitted sheepishly. "I grew up as an only child, though from what I understand, I do have a sister, but she was born before my parents even married, and they had to give her up for adoption as they were in no condition to raise a child, financially speaking. My parents don't speak about her often- they tend to get a little emotional about the subject, neither one of them is happy about how they had to given her up for adoption. They only mentioned her name once, and I was very young, I can barely even remember it... it starts with an H, that's all I know." Keith gave a sigh. "Tried to find her, of course, but I never made much of any progress. Truth be told, a big part of the reason I decided to go to Fizzytopia to become a trainer is because my parents are pretty sure her adoptive parents lived in the region."

Kuranes seemed nothing short of thrilled as the lid was finally completed. Helga had to admit that it came out much better than her first attempt, especially since Kuranes had helped her to do things more slowly. She couldn't really help being hasty, that was her nature. But yeah, the lid was great. K then asked Pomona if she would lift him up to the tank with her vines so she could place the lid on top. "Sure thing!" Pomona grinned cheerfully as she made use of her Vine Whip to do just that.

Inside the tank, Pisces's eyes narrowed as yet another lid was placed on top of her tank. The Blue-Striped Basculin did not appreciate this impediment to her access to the outside of her tank- suppose she felt like hunting? There was certainly nothing to be caught in this damn glass box. As the lid was placed atop the tank, Pisces unleashed Superpower once more. This time, however, the attack did nothing, between the significantly improved construction of the lid, and the fact that she was still a tad winded from her last use of the move.

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