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Gemini voices his agreement with the young personality, though he claims to understand how difficult it must be for Vanth to transition from all of her old lives, and the memories they held. He asks her if there is anything that they can do to help her, and her eyes glaze over, her expression distant.

"Yes... you can stop trying to talk to me. You can stop asking me questions. You can stop forcing me to remember this nonsense." A small smile creeps across Vanth's face as a nicer personality takes hold. "We should go somewhere. We should do something fun. That would get our mind off things! The dark-haired one takes us places when we feel sad." Vanth turns toward Coselle, who is still snuggling with Keith on the couch. "It distracts us, and we think less, and when we think less, it hurts less. Sometimes... I think it might be best if we stopped thinking altogether." Vanth's expression darkens for a moment, as she seems to be thinking about how to end all thought within her head.

Cheshire's plan was executed perfectly; the Weedle had been knocked down a peg without anyone getting seriously hurt. As Melittin storms off, he gives a sly grin and a wink to Chuck. Of course, not wanting Melittin to feel too defeated, the Gastly floats off after the Weedle, chuckling all the while. "No need to feel so glum! Your aim truly is impressive for one of your level." The Gastly chuckles a bit. "Of course... firing off your poison sting at everyone is a surefire way to get yourself pummeled into Weedle pulp someday. I could have chosen to use Fire Punch or Dark Pulse instead of my Lick attack... and there are Pokemon who would not hesitate to use those moves in a heartbeat if they are attacked."

Coselle cackles at the conclusion of the show, enjoying the bit of Schadenfreude as the Weedle got what was coming to him. She turns to Keith, realizing that she perhaps should not be laughing. "Ah, I hope Cheshire wasn't too hard on your Weedle," she says, though through poorly-disguised chuckles. She looks up at her boyfriend, her eyes suddenly sparking with curiosity.

"Say, Keith... Normally I wouldn't ask about this, since I never like talking about it myself, but, I figure I may as well bring it up..." Coselle chuckles a bit. "What is your family like? You certainly do not have to tell me if you do not wish to, as it is a sore subject for me, personally..." Coselle laughs a bit, though the laughter hides a sad expression that threatens to overwhelm her eyes. "I'm probably not the kind of lady you'd want them to meet, huh?"

Meanwhile, Kuranes oversees the construction of the new lid, lending a Helping Hand wherever he can with each of the tasks that need to be done; as Six helps measure the wood, Pomona does an amazing job of making precise, exact cuts, while Helga's raw strength is perfect for nailing the boards together. Kuranes helps focus her, encouraging her not to rush the job as she did before, but really focus on making strong fastenings for a lasting, powerful lid. The construction is organized and efficient, and soon, a lid emerges from their efforts, looking at least ten times better than Helga's original effort.

Incredible! Kuranes wags his tail happily. You guys are so amazing!! I bet this lid will work for sure! Kuranes lifts the lid carefully with his nose, squeezing himself underneath to lift it on his back. Though he struggles under the weight, he eventually gets to his feet, walking slowly over to the tank. Say, Pomona, would you mind lifting me with your vines so I can put this lid on? I promised I would do this part, but the tank is really tall and I need some help! The shiny Eevee smiles with a bit of embarrassment. I would really appreciate it.
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