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Vanth started to go on about how they wanted to return to their various significant others, and the personalities started to argue. A full-blown fight seemed inevitable, and Gemini seemed sickened by the idea of using Thunderbolt on them again, but this turned out to not be necessary, as one of the personalities, one that was decidedly young-sounding, spoke above all the others. She stated that she just wanted to stay here with Gemini (the Weezing both blushed slightly at this statement), and that they weren't going to make progress if they couldn't let go of their past.

"Hey, Vanth," Gemini's smaller head said softly, "You... er, she... er... that's right."

"Yeah," the larger head added. "I mean, we know that you all obviously still love your respective husbands and boyfriends, but not letting go isn't going to help you any. It... it can't be easy, though, we're guessing," he added. "Is... is there any way we could help?" he asked?

As Keith gave Coselle a loving smile and put an arm around her, she rested her head on his shoulder and guided his hand off her shoulder, down her side, stopping at her hip. Keith grinned at this as he watched Melittin unleash his Poison Sting. Cheshire made no effort to dodge- then again, he was in no danger of being poisoned, and the fact that he was a Ghost/Poison-type gave him a very great resistance to Poison-type moves. Cheshire praised Melittin's aim, as he had gotten bullseyes for the most part, and then he vanished, mid-sentence, only to reappear behind the Weedle and deliver a potent Lick. The Weedle's eyes widened in shock, and his entire body shuddered involuntarily as the Ghost move was executed. Chuck laughed at this, which caused Melittin to turn and glare at the other Gastly in annoyance.

"Yeah? Think that's funny? Let's see how you like it!" Melittin snapped as he unleashed another Poison Sting. Keith stiffened at that moment, but thankfully, Melittin's aim was truly remarkable, and every single needle made contact with Chuck. The Gastly merely laughed harder as the needles were absorbed into its body.

"Why, that tickles," grinned Chuck.

"GAAAAAH!" shouted Melittin in exasperation as he crawled away.

Meanwhile, Six, Helga, and Kuranes were working on the new lid for the fish tank It was coming along decently, and certainly looked a heck of a lot better than Helga's poor first attempt. Pomona was only too glad to help out, by using her Razor Leaf attack to cut the wood whenever they needed it cut.

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