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The larger head disagrees with Vanth's depressing conclusion, admitting that while some of her personalities ranged from bitterly sarcastic to insane and murderous, most of her was really quite kind. The smaller head chimes in to reveal that they had specifically requested her to be called out by Coselle, and tells her that he and the larger head both like her very much. Vanth's expression changes immediately to one of nervousness, as a slight Southern accent takes hold of her voice;

"Oh, darlin', that's very kind of you t'say... but y'know, my husband is more'n' likely lookin' all over for me right now, and I can't have him hearin' that I was off with some Weezing when he finds me, you understand. Oh, I miss him so much... I just can't wait for him to take me back home-" Vanth's facial expression suddenly changes to one of irritation, as the accent drops immediately. "Oh, yes. Like your husband is going to want to bring home a damn schizophrenic Spiritomb. Lady, I'm not goin' anywhere near your man! I already got one of my own." A slightly haughtier voice takes over; "You know, my husband is a very distinguished Pokemon Professor. I am certain he would be able to figure out what was wrong with us and get us separated! ....Oh, yeah, right! Your husband can't do jack shit! We should just go back to my boyfriend! At least he's a good trainer who would take care of us..."

Suddenly, a rather young-sounding voice cries out from Vanth; "STOP! I don't wanna see anybody's husband! I don't wanna go finding people who won't even recognize us! I just wanna stay here with Gemini. We aren't gonna make any progress at all if we can't let go of the past!" Vanth's expression looks pained, and her breath becomes heavy; it likely took a great deal of effort for that particular personality to shout out above the others, but the effect of her words are immediate. Vanth's expression oscillates from sad, to angry, to hopeless, and back again...

Coselle simply nods in response to Chuck's statements, her mind wandering to the type of TMs she would have liked to learn. She had been partial to the draining moves that some of her other teammates could learn, such as Giga Drain; the ability to sap the life from another Pokemon always intrigued her, and she was certainly envious of Pokemon like Bedivere and Cheshire who were capable of learning such a tactic. Of course, she was more tempted to follow Helena and Myrtle's example and learn Psychic... but Marion had always been hesitant to give Minerva that kind of power. Coselle could not possibly imagine why.

As her thoughts drift toward her gloved hands, Keith puts an arm around her and gives her a loving smile. She softly rests her head on his shoulder, her black hair tumbling down his chest; an impish grin sneaks into the corners of her lips as she takes his hand and guides it off her shoulder and slowly down her side, landing at her hip.

Meanwhile, Melittin lets loose a barrage of poison stings with deadly aim, the needles sailing directly toward Cheshire's chest. Rather surprisingly, the ghost type does not phase out at the last second or even attempt to dodge; instead, he takes the hit, grinning all the while. The stingers gradually melt into the Gastly's poisonous vapors, adding to the noxious makeup of his bodies, though not before admiring the scatter of the needles across the illusory dartboard of his face. It is almost unsettling how little the Gastly is phased by the hit; of course, Coselle could have predicted that Cheshire would not be terribly affected by a poison sting, given his complete immunity to poison and strong resistance to poisonous attacks of any sort.

"Not bad! Mostly bullseyes," He chuckles. "I must say I'm impres-"

Mid-sentence, the Gastly suddenly phases out of existence, stealthily reappearing behind Melittin to give him a nasty Lick attack!
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