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Vanth looked guilty herself, and after they appeared to convene with each other, seem to have figured out which one it was- one of the personalities always caused the others to black out when she would wake up, and they know her to do terrible things. Then, the Spiritomb started floating away, upset at their inability to make friends should they not be able to control themselves, and she was in fact shedding tears. Gemini hastened to float after her.

"That's... that's not true," the Weezing's larger head said. "Vanth, even if you can't control yourself, most of you are really nice."

"Besides, if it was really impossible for you to make friends," added the smaller head, "you'd still be in your Poke Ball right now. We're the ones who asked Coselle to send you back out. We... we really like you, Vanth." The larger head nodded in agreement with this statement.

Chuck nodded as Coselle stated that the relatively recent change to the laws concerning TM usage was a shame. "Oh, yes, a shame indeed. Many of the team was in uproar over that from what I've heard. Salazar seemed less than thrilled that he will never learn Dragon Pulse, and Scorpius wants to learn Thunderbolt to go with his Flamethrower. Hebenon, naturally, was crushed, it was his dream to learn every attack that TMs could teach, and now he's displeased that his sister won't get to learn some of the attacks she is so impressed with."

Keith noticed Coselle look down at her gloved hands, and he remembered that night at the Nightclub. He still didn't know exactly what had happened, all he knew was that Coselle ended up with a nasty burn on her hand, which she had made a point of hiding from Keith ever since then. Burning with curiosity though he was as to how it happened, it was clear that it was something she didn't want to talk about, so he never pushed the subject. Though her facial expression did not reveal it, Keith knew she had to be thinking about it. Wanting her to feel better, Keith put an arm around her shoulder and smiled at her before turning to watch what was about to unfold between Cheshire and Melittin. Chuck also watched, eager to see how things would play out.

As Cheshire gave the word, Melittin let loose with a barrage of Poison Stings, aiming them right at the center of the Gastly. Whether they actually hit or not was not something he could control.

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