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Vanth shakes her head, looking guilty herself. "No, no, if it was one of them, then it was totally our fault... but which one? Which one would do such an awful thing? Which one? Which of us..." Vanth becomes introspective, which Gemini supposes is the personalities convening, trying to figure out which one lashed out. "We have a hard time finding her. We black out when she wakes up, but we know she does terrible things..." Vanth suddenly appears somewhat depressed, beginning to shed tears as she starts to float away. "What can we do if we cannot control ourselves? We cannot make friends like this, no... Not at all."

Coselle nods in response to Gastly's question. "I have met Hebenon in the past, but I've never seen that happen before. Surreal, really." Coselle's laugh dies down a bit. "A shame that the government outlawed the use of unapproved TMs on species who had not met satisfactory move comprehension and performance standards on average. I guess one too many Magikarp exploded from trying to use Hyper Beam before evolution or something..." Coselle giggles at the morbid thought of Magikarp bits bursting in the air. Mmm... sushi.

Rubeus responds to Coselle's question after a pause, admitting that it would be a lie to pretend he would not be compelled by such an opportunity, especially given all that Neville had done. Coselle smirks, cackling a bit. "He does deserve it, yes... Until he makes amends, he will always deserve it."

Of course, Rubeus and Coselle's conversation does not last long, as their discussion is quickly derailed by threats of poison sting from Melittin. The Gastly floats away from Coselle, keeping Melittin's attention so that the fragile-looking young woman with porcelain skin would not be harmed by any stray stings, should the Weedle miss. Coselle looks eagerly on to the display, a grin on her face, though she wistfully recounts the days when it was she who was messing with young, overconfident Pokemon. So many new trainers in Fizzytopia lately who had yet to experience the truly fearful presence of the wicked Minerva... It was sad, in a way, to her. Scaring young gits was such fun. Ah, but Marion's team had promise themselves, and perhaps it was up to her to usher in the next generation of frighteningly powerful ghost-types...

She stares down at her gloved hands for a moment, one of which was horribly disfigured underneath the black lace, though it would be difficult to tell which hand with the concealment being so thorough. Keith had never really seen the true extent of the damage afterward, the awful mark that burn left behind, but she did not intend for him to do so... As fun as it would be to creep others out with such a disgusting wound, it made even her feel sick. But if what Marion said was true, perhaps even a disfigured hand was better than no flesh at all.

"FIRE WHEN READY," Cheshire shouts, imitating a proud general.
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