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Vanth coughed and spluttered from the sudden SmokeScreen, and in a genuinely hurt tone, asked Gemini why they had done that. Immediately, both heads started feeling guilty, though they had merely been defending themselves.

"You used Pursuit," said the larger head. "Or... one of you did, anyway."

"We acted on instinct," the smaller head added. "We're sorry."

As Coselle burst out laughing at the sight of Hebenon using Teleport, Chuck floated over. "I'm guessing this is the first time you've seen Hebenon using his attacks?" he asked. "That Qwilfish is something else. Keith has had him for years from what I hear, and did his very best to teach him as many different types of attacks as possible. Teleport is just the tip of the iceberg, too- Softboiled, Dark Void, Fire Spin, Psywave, all kinds of moves."

Coselle then asked Rubeus if he would ever be willing to take revenge on Neville if he had the opportunity to, and the Stunfisk gave it a moment's thought before replying. "I can't pretend it's not a tempting idea," he admitted. "After all he did, he would certainly have it coming."

Once Keith was back and Melittin was making his threats, Coselle called out Cheshire to shield her from any attacks, and the Gastly immediately changed color to resemble a dartboard, and challenged Melittin to hit the bulls eye, but with one warning- though the Weedle got to take as many shots as he liked, Cheshire would get in one free shot. As Coselle joined in, Melittin got the shrewd idea they were playing around with him. Nevertheless, he spoke up. "Alright, why not?" he said. "Little display of accuracy may be just what you all need to see, so you know what you're dealing with. Alright... Cheshire, was it? Let me know when to start."

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