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Instinctively, Gemini throws up a Smokescreen to defend himself from Vanth's sudden, unprovoked attack. The Spiritomb coughs and splutters, blinded and irritated by the smoke, but thankfully deterred without having caused any serious damage. As Vanth's coughing subsides and the smoke clears, she looks up at Gemini with a pitiful, puppy-eyed expression, her tear-stained eyes red from the smoke.

"Why did you do that?" She asks in a genuinely hurt tone, apparently having no memory of what she had just done.

Keith takes a seat beside Coselle, and she instinctively leans toward him, despite her pissed-off expression. He admits that he should not be protecting others from her, while taking her sudden change in mood in stride. Undeterred by her idle threat of murder, he calls out Rubeus, who immediately launches into an apology on behalf of his species the moment he recognizes the woman he is being introduced to is the infamous Coselle. Coselle listens to his speech, and the interesting fact that while Stunfisk's Static constantly paralyzed others, Rubeus' Limber kept him immune.

"You two have very different auras about you," Coselle comments. "Almost like night and day... And it's not just the difference in your abilities, either." Before Coselle can further elaborate on her observation, however, the audible sound of cracking fills the room, and Keith rushes over to his backpack, apparently having forgotten that the egg he had been carrying around for a week was due to hatch that very day. The egg was already well on its way to hatching, covered in visible cracks. The trainer deftly summons the Pokeball of Hebenon, his Qwilfish, and orders the creature of diverse talents to Teleport to the Egg House. Coselle bites her lip, holding it together for the few moments when Keith shouts "To the egg house" like a cartoon superhero, but the moment he teleports away with his Qwilfish, she bursts out laughing at the spectacle.

"What madness is this," she snorts, never having observed Hebenon using Teleport before. Normally, Keith traveled to the Egg House on foot, so the sight of him performing such a strange move - with a Qwilfish, no less - while incredibly impressive, is also downright hilarious.

In the minute or two that Keith is gone, Coselle continues her conversation with Rubeus. "Anyway... Sorry, where was I? The teleporting Qwilfish-Man distracted me..." Coselle chuckles a bit before continuing. "Oh, right. It is a pleasure meeting you, Rubeus. Tell me... if you had the opportunity to take revenge on that miserable Neville, would you do it?"

Soon, Keith returns from the Egg House, and while his face clearly betrays the fact that he did not hatch the holy, trash-filled grail of poison types, he still managed to get an interesting hatch. Keith calls out his new partner, a male Weedle named after a component of bee venom, and Coselle immediately senses the smug sense of superiority radiating off of the little worm. To Coselle, it was rather amusing; a Lv.1 Weedle who thought himself superior to everyone? Certainly, she did not mind one having confidence, no matter the species, but this was a bit much, particularly for one so small.

The Weedle immediately trains his eyes on Rubeus and Coselle, aiming his stingers at them. Coselle grins widely, amused at how incredibly stupid this Weedle had to be. Aiming his needles at her? Coselle lifts a hand to summon her Hidden Power, but the glove covering her scarred hand immediately pulls her back into the reality that she would need to seriously think twice about teaching this Weedle some respect... Was it worth the cost of her own burning flesh to defend herself? No, if this stupid little bug attacked, she would likely have to endure it... but at what cost? As a human, she had no resistance to poison, and if it were to actually get into her bloodstream, the results could be deadly. From powerful Banette to defenseless human... Coselle's heart sinks at the realization that even a miserable little Weedle posed a threat to her now. For a moment, her face is such that she appears as if she is going to burst out crying, but she maintains a stiff upper lip in the face of her newly acquired weakness. Even if the flesh was weak, the spirit still had its own form of strength.

Reluctant to defend herself, but acknowledging the fact that she must, she immediately calls out Cheshire as a ghostly shield of sorts. The vaporous creature materializes to the sight of a Weedle pointing stingers at him, before realizing quickly that he has been intentionally placed between the Weedle and Coselle. Fortunately, Keith immediately stops Melittin from firing at his girlfriend, insisting that he should introduce himself without attacking. Though the Weedle reluctantly complies, he manages to introduce himself with a level of pompousness and arrogance that makes Coselle visibly grit her teeth. Cheshire notices Coselle's expression of barely-contained rage, and decides that intervention on his part would likely be wise... before Coselle gets hurt.

Cheshire's eyes glow slightly for a moment, and the colors of his body change to resemble that of a dartboard; looking the very image of a ghostly target, he grins widely.

"Let's play a little game, then, shall we?" He laughs eerily. "You seem to enjoy stinging others, so why not a bit of target practice? You may take as many turns as you like to hit the bullseye. There's just one little caveat." Cheshire chuckles. "You get as many tries as you like to hit me... but after you get your fill, I get one free shot at you. After all, if you are the boss, I am certain you can take any damage I dish out, hmm?" Cheshire's melodious laugh fills the room, and Coselle can immediately see where this is going. She smirks a bit, deciding to play along with it.

"Cheshire, no! Why would you let yourself be attacked like that? It's so dangerous! You could get badly hurt!"

Cheshire nods gravely, playing into Coselle's role as co-conspirator immediately. "I know I will be reduced to rubble by his immense strength... but it is in my nature, Coselle, to love a good show of accuracy. Besides, I want to experience the might of this creature for myself!"

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