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As Gemini described their favorite prank, Vanth appeared to go a little... insane, judging by the spark in her eyes. She then suddenly lunged at Gemini, an unmistakable madness in her eyes. and the Weezing was so thoroughly surprised at her sudden use of Pursuit that they, almost instinctively, blasted out a SmokeScreen right into the Spiritomb's path.

Pomona giggled as Coselle put Keith's hat on her head. "Oooh, I like it! Thanks, Coselle!" she exclaimed before she ran off to meet Kuranes.

As Keith had feared, Coselle was less than happy. However, it was not the prospect of meeting Rubeus that had gotten her unhappy, but rather the fact that Keith seemed to be treating her like a bomb that could go off at any second. This revelation surprised him at first, but he very quickly started to realize that she was only too right about this.

After her outburst, Keith sat next to her on the couch. "True," he admitted quietly. "Yeah, we did do that pretty often, didn't we? You're right, though, that's not how it should be..." Coselle was suddenly smiling once again following her outburst, and she agreed to the idea of meeting Rubeus. Keith was taken slightly aback by this sudden shift, but did not question it. "All right, then," he replied as he threw the ball into the air, which unleashed a Stunfisk into the room. Rubeus flew around by flapping his fins, and as he flew down towards Keith, he spotted Coselle.

"Ah," Rubeus said as he flapped his way over to Coselle. "So, I'm guessing you're Coselle, right? My name's Rubeus. It's a pleasure to meet you, and I would like to apologize on behalf of my species- my teammates have told me all the stories about Neville prior to when I met him in the Adoption Center, you see, including what he did to you."

"Rubeus told us wat he'd always do in da Adoption Center," Meowth added. "Apparently he spent all his time helpin' out anyone Neville was terrorizin'."

Rubeus nodded. "Neville is a disgrace to my species," he said. "All I want is for everyone to be aware that not all Stunfisk are prankster menaces that take sadistic pleasure in zapping others. I will admit that many of them are, but most certainly not all of them! The Adoption Center... that place was a nightmare. My work was never done, you know. Just when I've gotten one Static victim healed up and calmed down, I hear another electrical zapping noise followed by a scream of pain. He tried paralyzing me at first. He gave up right away as soon as he found out that I have Limber instead of Static, though."

At that moment, however, a cracking noise filled the air. Keith looked around, and gasped audibly as he realized it was coming from the backpack on the table. He got up, reached into the bag, and pulled out a green Egg, with cracks all over it. "That was today?!" he exclaimed. "I completely forgot!" He quickly pulled out his Pokedex, and with the pressing of two buttons, a Poke Ball materialized in his free hand. He opened it up, and deftly placed the ball on his belt as the Qwilfish materialized. He expertly caught Hebenon in his hand, and said, "Be right back, Coselle, this won't take two minutes. Hebenon, Teleport. To the Egg House!" Meowth scrambled back onto Keith's shoulder as the Qwilfish vanished into thin air, taking his trainer and Meowth teammate with him. And the Egg, of course.

Sure enough, not two minutes later, Keith reappeared, Hebenon in one hand, and a Poke Ball in the other. "Well, it wasn't something I was hoping for," he admitted as he sat back down next to Coselle, "but I can't say I'm disappointed, either. Now come on out, Melittin!" he exclaimed as he threw the ball into the air, unleashing a small Bug-type. An unreadable expression on his face, the Weedle glanced around, taking in his new surroundings. His eyes fell on Coselle, as well as the Stunfisk she was talking to. And then he lowered his head, aiming his stinger at them. "Hey! Hey!" Keith exclaimed loudly, causing the Weedle to look back up at him. "Melittin, no. Now, come on, be nice. Now, this is Coselle," he said, gesturing to his girlfriend. "Why don't you introduce yourself? Nicely? Without attacking anyone?"

"I can't promise that," the Weedle replied. "I see a new guy, I let the stings fly. But if you insist, I'll try and hold back. Hello," he added, addressing Coselle and Rubeus. "Name's Melittin. Don't forget it. And don't take me for some kind of pushover- rest assured, the only reason you didn't get to try and defend against my Poison Sting is because this guy doesn't seem to want that. I don't agree, personally- a little Poison Sting as a greeting, I think that leaves a nice, lasting impression, don't you? Makes 'em remember who's in charge."

"You have a pretty high opinion of yourself, don't you?" Rubeus asked. "But anyway, my name is Rubeus, and it's nice to meet you." In response, however, Melittin struck Rubeus with his Poison Sting attack. "Ow!" Rubeus exclaimed, brushing the pins away. Mercifully, he was not poisoned. "What was that for?" he demanded.

"Insurance," was the Weedle's response. "So you won't take me for a pushover, see?"

"Who says I was going to?" the Stunfisk asked.

"And you," the Weedle continued, turning to Coselle. "Coselle, right?"

"Melittin, that wasn't nice," Keith frowned. "I'd like you to apologize to Rubeus. No more of this attacking, OK?"

"Like I said, no promises," the Weedle retorted. As Meowth translated this, Keith sighed. This one was bound to be a handful.

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