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An insane little spark flashes across Vanth's eyes as she listens to Weezing describe his prank. The smirk that crosses her face is downright unsettling, as the green orbs that comprise her aura spin violently. "Hehe... I wonder how they felt? A little water never hurt, did it? At least it wasn't blood... or maybe they would have gone psychotic and killed you... Maybe... killed... kill... people don't get better, they just get smarter... the Kool-aid of human emotions... and i think i could i think i could yes i think i could-"

Suddenly Vanth cries out and lunges at the Weezing with all her might, in hot Pursuit of Gemini; despite the level disparity and relative weakness, the madness in her eyes is so remote, so alien, so positively unnatural that it has the power to strike fear into those much stronger than her.

Six and Helga both note Kuranes' eagerness, and gingerly remind the shiny Eevee that being bitten to oblivion is a very real possibility given Pisces' black and white view of the world. I know! Kuranes grins. I don't mind. We battle all the time, don't we? Shouldn't we be used to pain, if that's so? Do you even feel it after awhile? Kuranes' wistful expression lasts for a few moments, before Helga kindly interrupts with the answer to Kuranes' earlier question, explaining that the wood was left over from building Keith's Secret Base. She then grabs three large planks, and the Eevee wags his tail and yips with approval.

Perfect! He grins. I was thinking that if we used metal braces at the corners, and screwed in the lid instead of nailing it, and maybe layered the wood a bit... Yeah, I think we can do this!

Coselle smiles at Keith's compliment. "Heh... Perhaps I should get my own. In black, with a skull on it. I can be the outlaw and you can be the sheriff, hmmmmm~? The epic battle between good and evil. We shall have to see who draws first, ehehehe~" Coselle points her hand as if it were a pistol, aiming at Keith's chest with a sadistic grin.

It is around this time that the overly perky Pomona makes herself known. Coselle resists the urge to roll her eyes... As a Pokemon, she recalled having met Pomona in the past, and desperately trying to shake the overly energetic Pokemon off. Of course, that wasn't to say that Coselle disliked Pomona... She had to admit that seeing the normally cheerful Ivysaur crying and covered with burns after the Neville incident set her off more than anything else, even her own injuries - but that didn't mean that Coselle enjoyed spending time with her, either. The Ivysaur complements her on her hat, which prompts Coselle to take the hat off and try it on Pomona's head. "Perhaps it would be better on you," Coselle muses. The Ivysaur rattles off the names of Keith's new Pokemon; all familiar names, except for Rubeus... Coselle thinks back a moment, not wanting to appear forgetful.

Meanwhile, Keith insists that Pomona go play with Kuranes, and the Ivysaur does not need much convincing. She bounds over to the shiny Eevee with a wide smile, and Kuranes seems delighted at her approach. You may call me K. Nice to meet you, Pomona! The Eevee offers a paw to shake. Would you like to help us build a lid for Pisces' tank?

Back with Keith and Coselle, Meowth relieves Coselle of her suspected forgetfulness, commenting that the young lady never did meet Rubeus. Keith, however, does not seem thrilled... He mutters that Coselle does not care for Rubeus' species, and the dark-haired woman narrows her eyes.

I can still hear you, you know, she hisses in Banette under her breath. After Keith and his Meowth exchange a few words, Rubeus' Pokeball is unhinged from Keith's belt, and Coselle is presented with the choice of meeting Rubeus. The irritated Coselle crosses her arms and pouts, sitting herself with a dramatic thump on the couch.

"You know what, Keith? That has always bothered me. You, Connor and Hyrem... The three of you. Back in the bar, when I was nothing more than a Pokemon to you... The three of you always treated me like some kind of explosive, tantrum-prone child! Any time anyone would upset or insult me, you would rush over to alert them of their 'mistake,' as if I were some kind of landmine their foot was hovering over. No trust at all! No sense of consequence! What are you, the warning sign for a blasting site full of emotional dynamite?" Coselle snorts indignantly. "I don't care if it's true. I may have a temper, but it's not your job to protect everyone from me."

The outburst ends as soon as it begins, and Coselle is suddenly smiling again. "Why don't I meet this Stunfisk of yours, then? If what you claim is true, then I will not have to mur-der him."
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