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Vanth seemed to show interest in Gemini's prankster past. "Well, one of our favorites was rigging buckets of water to tip over and get somebody soaked," the larger head said, grinning slightly at the memories. "It's wasn't that easy to do it with no limbs, at first, anyway, but we do know a couple of Psychic moves. It's pretty easy to levitate things with Psybeam."

Kuranes was eager to get going on this, and reassured Six that he could put the lid on himself, even if Pisces bit him into oblivion.

"Th-that's a very real possibility, though," Six said.

"He's right," Helga added. "Pisces either respects you, or tries to eat you. And if you want her to respect you, you gotta show her that you're worthy of her respect. That said, she's perfectly kind and friendly to those she does respect." Kuranes then asked Helga where she found the boards from her previous attempt. "Oh, they were some of the ones left over from when we built this place," replied the Makuhita. "He stowed them away just in case we needed to make any repairs. Hang on." She dashed off, and pulled from under the couch two or three large planks of wood. "We can work with these, right?" she asked Kuranes as she carried the lumber over to him.

"That's a... lot of wood," Six said quietly. "I think it might be enough. What do you think, K?" he asked the Shiny Eevee.

Keith smiled as Coselle softly kissed him on the cheek and told him he had a big heart. Then she swiped Keith's hat, placed it on her head, and spun around, as though modeling it (though this did have the added effect of getting her out of Keith's reach. Keith instinctively reached up towards his head, but the hat was already out of his reach by that time, and he chuckled as Coselle spun away from him. She then asked him what he thought, admitting that it wasn't quite her style. "Actually, that looks pretty good on you," Keith said, nodding as he looked at Coselle.

Just then, a four-legged Pokemon with a flower on her back wandered into the living room, and a wide grin formed on her face as she noticed that Keith and Coselle had returned. "Keith, you're back! Yay!" Pomona exclaimed as she ran over and wrapped her vines around Keith's legs, hugging him tightly. "Oh, oh, hi, Coselle!" she exclaimed as she let go of her trainer and ran over to his girlfriend. "Oh, cool, Keith's hat looks really good on you!" she giggled. "Hey, hey, Coselle, did you meet all of Keith's new Pokemon yet? Cause he got some new ones, I don't know if you met them, there's Ginny, there's Millicent, there's Helga, there's Rubeus, there's Six-"

"OK, Pomona, take it easy," Keith laughed. "Why don't you go and meet Kuranes?" he suggested, pointing at the Shiny Eevee.

"Ooh, cool!" Pomona replied as she dashed over to where Kuranes, Six, and Helga were. "Hi, Six! Hi, Helga!" she exclaimed before looking at Kuranes. "Oh, hi! Hi! My name's Pomona!" she said excitedly. "Keith said your name was... Kuranes, right?" she asked. "It's nice to meet you!"

Meanwhile, Meowth turned to look at Keith. "Hey, Pomona brought up a decent point," Meowth pointed out. "I don't tink Coselle's met Rubeus yet."

"Ah," Keith frowned. "Look, Meowth," he muttered, "Coselle... isn't all that fond of Rubeus's species, you see? I'm not sure it would be a good idea."

"Why not?" shrugged Meowth. "Ain't Rubeus's entire goal in life ta help others see dat not all Stunfisks is bad like Neville?"

"That is true," Keith conceded as he picked up a Poke Ball off a nearby table and looked at it. The ball contained his Stunfisk. He then looked over at Coselle. "It's your choice," he said. "I'm not gonna force you to meet Rubeus, but I think you'll end up liking him."

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