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Coselle grins appreciatively at Meowth's bit of sass, and at Keith's admission that they did, indeed, go at it constantly. Even so, she was sick of talking about those two, and it is around this time that she decides to go look for Six.

Kuranes grins at Helga's appreciation of his attempts at making her feel better. It's true, though! Sometimes, things are not as they seem at first. Life is full of surprises~ Kuranes prances off to go see Six, grinning all the way.

Vanth's eyes glitter with mischief at the thought of pulling pranks. "Oooooo~ What pranks did you pull? Any good ones? I want to hear all about them~" Suddenly, Vanth snorts, an irritated expression forming on her face. "Pranks are so beneath me..." She pauses. "...But I would still like to hear what you did. You know, for curiosity's sake."

When Gemini mentions that she's an interesting Pokemon, Vanth laughs harshly. "I guess that's the nice way to put it, huh?"

Kuranes nearly bounces with eagerness. Don't worry, Six! I can put the lid on. No sweat. He tilts his head with a big grin and a happy squeak. Where there is a will, there is a way! Even if Pisces bites me into oblivion and it takes fifty tries, it will get done~ Kuranes turns to Helga, a curious expression on his face. Where did you find those boards? I imagine Keith must have a supply closet of sorts...

Coselle traces the collar of Keith's shirt with her finger, kissing him softly on the cheek. "You have a big heart, you know," she says with an oddly affectionate smile, before swiping Keith's hat and placing it abruptly on her head. She spins around as if on a runway, not only to model the hat but to also move just out of Keith's reach. "What do you think?" She laughs. "Not quite my style, but..."
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