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Keith took note of Coselle's expression, and nodded. "Yeah, I guess they can be a little... obvious about it sometimes."

"Sometimes?" repeated Meowth skeptically.

"OK, nearly all the time," sighed Keith with a slight grin.

"...Not a bad point, I guess," sighed Helga as Kuranes offered a few alternate explanations. "I may never know for sure. I appreciate you trying to make me feel better about it, though, for sure," she smiled.

Vanth eventually recognized Gemini, and asked them how they were as patient as they were. "I guess we were always that patient," the larger head replied. "I... I don't remember not being that patient, really. When I was younger, I liked to play pranks a lot, and a lot of times, I had to lie in wait for a while until things got moving. Even as a Koffing, I guess I was pretty patient."

"Besides that, you're pretty interesting," added the other head.

"Oh, that's- that's OK," Six said quietly as Kuranes apologized for his abrupt exit from earlier. "Um... I, I'd like to help... But, could I... could I not actually go near the tank? Pisces might try t-to eat me again..."

Coselle wrapped her arms around Keith, and remarked that given how easily one's heart breaks, she would rather not have one. Keith responded by wrapping his arms around her. He tried to convey through the hug his feelings for her, tried to convey his determination to keep her heart from breaking. "The heart is a fragile thing, yeah," he said quietly. "You may not want one, but you got one. So... best I can do is try and make sure it stays in one piece. If you don't want others to know you have one, then they certainly won't find out from me," he said with a small grin.

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