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Coselle rolls her eyes at the thought of Marvolo and Amy being made for each other. "Well, I do suppose they are very much in love..." Coselle tries to smile and act positively toward the relationship, though her sickened expression makes her true feelings obvious.

Kuranes frowns at the thought of Helga's trainer lying to her. Maybe there's another explanation. Perhaps... Perhaps he acquired a taste for blood, by... by being bitten by a vampire, and he did not want to hurt you! Or maybe he has the PLAGUE and did not want to spread it. Kuranes' eyes widen with the thought of Helga's previous owner having the plague. You wouldn't want to catch the plague, now, would you?

Meanwhile, Gemini shows an incredible amount of patience with Vanth, reminding her of who he is, though admitting it might be a nice idea to have a name for each head. "I know who you are, silly," one of Vanth's personalities comments with a laugh. "Did you think we'd forget either of you, Gemini? Of course not." Vanth bows, a wide grin on her face. "Most people do not like talking to us because we forget things, or get mad, or lie when we don't mean to... But not you. How did you get so patient?"

Six responds to the invitation by hopping down on the floor and joining the shiny Eevee, which clearly brings a twinkle to Kuranes' eye. Hello, Six! Sorry to have left so abruptly before... I was wondering if you would like to help Helga and I build a lid for Pisces' tank. The young Eevee twitches his tail eagerly. I am sure with your help that we can make a really nice one! We can even paint the bottom of the lid so that Pisces has something nice to look at.

Meanwhile, Keith reassures Coselle that he would never make fun of her for having an affectionate heart, saying that he gets the same way with Cyanide. She snorts a bit, smirking as callously as she can.

"I would rather that people were not aware that there are soft spots in my heart for Eevees and Keithsacks... Rather, it's best they not become aware that I have a heart to begin with." Coselle cackles a bit, wrapping her arms around Keith. "Silly, fragile little thing... so easily broken. Better if it did not exist, but... The more I try to hide it, the more it seems to make itself known." Coselle sighs heavily.
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