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"Yeah," replied Keith. "Marvolo isn't exactly that forgiving, so it struck me as odd. Then again, it's so rare for Marvolo to make friends, so, why look a gift Ponyta in the mouth? And yeah, it's Amy. Heh, those two, it's like they were made for each other," Keith grinned.

Kuranes asked Helga if the problem was that she didn't trust Keith. "I know..." sighed Helga. "I like him, and I want to trust him, but it's just... it's the same thing my last trainer said," she sighed. "He looked just as pleased when I was traded to him, and then he traded me away. Anyway, it's nice to meet you, K," she said, managing a smile.

"No, we're not Keith," Gemini's larger head stated, the Weezing starting to get used to the fact that not all of Vanth's personalities were acquainted with him just yet. "Our name is Gemini."

"One name for each head isn't a bad idea, though," added the smaller head. "We should give that some thought sometime. I mean, I like being known as Gemini, but it's probably at least worth talking about."

"Maybe later," stated the larger head.

Six nodded in response to Coselle's question as she picked up Kuranes and turned strangely warm and affectionate towards him. Keith found himself slightly surprised at this behavior, but reminded himself that he was pretty much the same way around Pokemon he thought to be cute. As she realized just how she was behaving in front of Keith, however, Coselle straightened herself up, placed Kuranes down on the floor, and returned to normal, stating that K wanted to know if Six wanted to play. "What do you say, Six?" Keith asked the Foongus in his arms. Six looked down at Kuranes, and jumped to the floor in response, hopping over to the Shiny Eevee. Meanwhile, Coselle narrowed her eyes at Keith, as though to communicate that he better not make fun of her for how she behaved around Kuranes, something he felt no inclination to do in any case. "Don't sweat it," Keith said in a low voice. "I get the same way with Cyanide. Eevee have that effect on people."

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