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Coselle chuckles a bit at what Keith tells her about Pisces and Marvolo. "Oh, reallyyy? Marvolo does not strike me as a forgiving type... Then again, I suppose he far more easily ignores transgressions against himself than that snake he's constantly entwined around... Amy, is it?" Coselle chuckles darkly to herself, as if laughing at a joke within her own head. It was no secret how she felt about that couple, particularly when she was still openly in her Banette form. Amethyst in particular grated at her nerves.... but at least the pair wasn't around for the moment. Besides, she would not want to hurt Keith by seriously insulting one of his prized Pokemon... Though if Marvolo decided gave her sass, she had no qualms with returning it in spades, whether or not Keith knew about it. She would not be disrespected by anyone.

Meanwhile, Kuranes pauses for a moment, thinking about what Helga had said. He tilts his head and furrows his fuzzy brow in deep concentration. Is it that you do not trust Keith? Has he given you reason to disbelieve him? Kuranes seems distracted by the thought. If he says he would not trade you, wouldn't he mean that? Helga seems to appreciate the suggestion to build a new tank with Six and Kuranes, suggesting that they find the little Foongus... but not before introducing herself. The young Eevee bows in response to her introduction, his ears flopping with the bow. I am Kuranes, but everyone calls me K. Nice to meet you, Helga! K smiles genuinely at Helga, happy to have made another new friend. Let's go find Six.

Coselle smirks at Weezing's attempts at objecting to her description of him, but lets his inability to counter serve as her point. As Vanth materializes, Gemini reorients her, reminding her that she is in Keith's Secret Base. "Oh." Vanth pauses for a moment. "Are you Keith? You don't look like a Keith. You look more like... like a Reginald, or a Peter, or a ReginaldPeter. You know, one name for each head."

As Coselle runs off to search for Six, Keith uses his knowledge of the little Pokemon's favorite hiding place to locate him quickly, and sure enough, what appeared to be a stray Pokeball under the table slowly rolled towards Keith of its own volition, popping out of defense curl into the form of the adorable mushroom. Coselle bows to Six in greeting, noting that this creature appeared particularly timid.

"A shy one, hmmmm? Well, it is nice to meet you, Six. You are the one under the care of Lily and James?" Before Six can respond, Coselle is distracted by the feeling of something fuzzy rubbing up against her legs. Bending down to pick up the purring shiny Eevee that had made his way to her, she gives him an adoring hug and a kiss on the top of the head, appearing oddly warm and affectionate given her usual apathetic, vaguely amused exterior. "Hey there, K? How's my baby~" She snuggles up with the Eevee, who barks something to her, a smile on his face.

"Oh, you wanted to see if Six would play with you and your new friend Helga?" Coselle turns to Keith, realizing that she had been acting like an adoring, crazy Eevee lady in front of him, and immediately straightens up, gently setting Kuranes down. "Er, yeah... K wants to know if Six would like to play." Coselle narrows her eyes at Keith, silently communicating that he better not make fun of her for turning into an overly gushy blob of saccharine sweetness whenever Kuranes was around.
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