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Originally Posted by Spikkle View Post
Another one of those 'expansions on the canon'. The raggedy lines in the art style really sell it for me.
I quite liked this one, enough to do an image ID search to find out where it came from. Here is that source. He clarifies in the caption text that he envisions, in his own head canon, that Oak was the first regional Pokémon League Champion and that Agatha came in 2nd place. He then explains that while Oak retired from being a Pokémon Trainer and went into research and Agatha stayed on the path of the trainer and eventually became a member of the Elite Four -- and not just any member, but its leader -- both made a name for themselves known to everybody in the land, and that "even though the paths they chose were different, they were still rivals."

I could easily see a Pokémon prequel anime (not done by ShoPro ^^;; and not written for tots ) kicking major, major ass. Young Oak. Young Agatha. Young Blaine. Young Kurt. And importantly, a bunch of new characters and things to do. No need to tie everything in to the existing character base or the adventures of Ash & Co. (In fact, doing that would be stupid. Some tie-ins are nice. Not excessively many.)

For more by that artist, try here.
Originally Posted by Spikkle View Post
That Cynthia/Caitlin pic is particularly awesome, Talon. Strikes me as a sort of past-version of the two of them (Caitlin particularly is noticeably younger) in which Cynthia takes her under her wing as a sort of 'apprentice'.
I didn't realize that the picture might be taking place in the past until you brought it up, but I think you're absolutely right. The Riolu is likely Cynthia's Lucario; the Munna, Caitlin's Musharna. The Pichu and the Meowth, God only knows what's up with them. But yeah, it seems likely that this is a flashback picture.
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