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I can't believe this thread hasn't been posted in since 2011. O_o I guess I've just been lazy and chosen not to share stuff I've found. Well, on a whim, here goes nothing ...
こんな感じのイーブイのもふもふしたキーホルダーほしい, he writes, or "I want a fluffy Eevee keyholder like this."
Joltik @ Rocky Helmet.
A soft drawing of Furret.
Titled "Caitlin's Resort House" and captioned "Cynthia, is your research coming along?" Even after having seen these two battling in the anime, I wouldn't have thought to pair them up like this. But it's an interesting idea and I love this artist's art style, balanced between his own and what feels like a heavily Sugimori Ken-influenced way of drawing bodies and faces. Just lends the subject material that much more a feeling of authenticity.
I wish this magazine were a real thing. I would so subscribe to it download digitized scans of it every month. And apparently I'm not the only one: because fucking lol at the first five replies! (Read in reverse order, from bottom to top.)
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"I really wanna read this!" "I totally wanna read this!" "I very much so want to read this!" "I quite want to read this!" "I'd very much love to read this." hahaha
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