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"Oh, yes," Keith nodded as Coselle stated that she admired Pisces's spirit and called her quite the determined hunter. "When I first got her, she tried to eat Marvolo. I don't know what happened, but now the two are actually pretty decent friends."

Kuranes approached Helga, and assured her that she could always give it another try, asking if it was so bad that it didn't work the first time. "Well," Helga explained, "I suppose it's not that bad, it's just... I don't wanna screw this up. Keith's the third trainer I've had now, I've been traded around quite a bit, and I don't think I can take another trainer trying to get rid of me. I just want to prove to him that I can be useful to his team, that trading for me was the right thing for him to do! He always assures me that this isn't necessary, but still... Still I worry sometimes..." Kuranes suggested that the two of them team up with Six to try and devise a better lid for the tank. "That sounds like a good idea," smiled Helga. "Just gotta find that little Foongus... Oh, by the way, I'm Helga, what's your name?"

In response to the Weezing's question, Coselle sent out the Spiritomb, but not before referring to Gemini as "lover boy". Both heads blushed at this and stammered their protest (though not with much conviction) until Vanth had been sent out. The Spiritomb blinked in confusion before asking where she was.

"Hi, Vanth," said Gemini's larger head. "You're back in Keith's Secret Base."

As Keith reminded Coselle of what she said she would do to him, she laughed darkly, and replied to him, her voice taking on a more sinister tone as she suggested she should punish him, be it by driving him mad with longing, or a more direct route. Though she told Keith she was still mad at him, Keith had a shrewd feeling this wasn't the exact truth. Her tone was sinister, but this was not entirely unusual for her, as he had learned. Indeed, he found himself filled yet again with that odd blend of nervousness and excitement. Coselle's voice then returned to its normal tone as she went off in search of Keith's Foongus. Keith started searching as well. First place he looked was under the table- a favorite hiding spot of the little Foongus. Sure enough, he spotted what looked like a Poke Ball under there. "Come on out here, Six," Keith said gently. The ball rolled forward of its own volition, and once it was out from under the table, the Foongus disengaged his Defense Curl, and looked up timidly at Keith, who gently scooped the Grass/Poison-type into his arms. "Found him," he said to Coselle as he walked over to her. "Coselle, meet Six. Six, this is Coselle. Say hi to her, OK?"

"Uh... Um... Uh... Hi," Six squeaked shyly.

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