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Coselle shrugs back at Keith, trying to play it off as nothing. After all, the Pokedex was simply identifying her honestly, and at least it was better than getting tickled or scratched, as Ginny was rumored to do in the past for security checks. Keith takes Coselle's playful banter in stride, though whether or not he actually gives in to the temptation... well, only Arceus knows.

Meowth immediately takes his position at his trainer's shoulder, reporting that all is well on the home front... except for the missing steaks. Keith explains to Coselle that Pisces had a bad habit of escaping her tank, maneuvering as best as she could with her fins on land, devouring anything edible she can get her jaws around. Coselle cackles a bit. "I admire her spirit," she says with a wide grin. "Quite the determined hunter, hmmmm?"

Soon, the voice of a female Pokemon interrupts the conversation, expressing such an intense burst of eagerness to help with finding a lid for the fish tank that Coselle wonders if Gadget may have found a potential partner. The voice makes itself known quickly with hammering and all manner of noise, and Coselle manages to catch sight of the Makuhita who presumably was the origin of the voice. Keith introduces the Pokemon as Helga, and tries reassuring her that she does not need to constantly help around the Base... Even so, the determined fighting-type proudly displays her handiwork before placing it firmly on the top of the tank. Unfortunately, the wooden lid is no match for the Basculin's Superpower, and the poor, dejected Makuhita hangs her head in shame. Keith suggests she go play chess with Chuck, but apparently, having perpetual boxing gloves makes it difficult to move the pieces around. Kuranes mews something to Coselle, and she lets the Eevee down gently. He scampers toward Helga, a concerned expression on his face.

Is it so bad that the lid didn't work the first time? One can always try again... Now you know to use stronger materials and methods to affix the lid to the tank! Perhaps I can ask Six if he knows anything about sealing a tank. Between the three of us, I am certain we can devise a better lid. What do you say?

Coselle notices Gemini floating over, requesting the presence of the one called Vanth. "Which Vanth do you wish to speak to, if I may ask?" Coselle chuckles darkly. "Or do you happen to like all of them? Eh, I suppose it doesn't matter... Knock yourself out, lover boy." The dark-haired trainer unhooks the Christmas Ball on her belt, unleashing the Spiritomb from within before turning her attention back to Keith.

Vanth blinks a bit, looking confused. "Where am I...?"

Meanwhile, Keith reminds Coselle that she has not made the acquaintance of Six yet. Of course... Keith remembered keenly what Coselle had claimed she would do to him after Marion had left, and pointed out with a sly grin that she happened to be absent at the moment. Coselle returns the smirk with a dark laugh, gently sliding her hands up his chest.

"Mmm, yes... I should. I am still mad at you, you know." Coselle's voice takes on a sinister tint, dropping in pitch. "Perhaps I should punish you... but how? Merciless teasing, perhaps? Driving you mad with longing? Or perhaps I should go the more direct route...." Coselle digs her nails hard into Keith's shoulders and cackles. "You will suffer, yes. I just need to decide how... and when." Coselle's voice returns to its normal tone, as she saunters off to go find Six. "Where is that little Foongus, anyhow?"
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