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Keith could sense that Coselle wasn't exactly thrilled with having to hear Banette's Pokedex entry, and shrugged apologetically as the Pokedex droned the description. "Yeah, sorry," Keith muttered as he put his Pokedex away. "It's the quickest and easiest way for Ginny to be sure, though." As Keith then offered to let Coselle up the ladder first, she responded by playfully accusing him of wanting a look up her skirt. Keith laughed as she playfully punched his shoulder, and then Coselle led the way up the ladder anyway. Keith followed her, and whether he resisted the urge to peek is something the world will never know.

As they reached the top, Ginny pushed the door open to allow them inside. Almost immediately, Keith could see Meowth dashing down the narrow hallway to meet them at the door. "Hey, Keith! Coselle!" he exclaimed as he jumped onto his trainer's shoulder. "So wat's up? Are youse two good now or-"

"Yes, Meowth," Keith said, cutting off the rest of the question. "I hope everything went smoothly while I was gone?"

"Oh, yeah, yeah, no problems," nodded Meowth. "Not unless youse wanted any o' dat steak, anyways."

"Oh, man, what happened?" groaned Keith. "You didn't open Crabbe's Poke Ball, did you?"

"Hey, gimme some credit," snapped Meowth. "I ain't stupid. It was dat blasted Basculin of yers."

"Of course," sighed Keith. "That's the next thing I'm gonna invest in- a lid for that tank," he said to Coselle. "Pisces has a bad habit of jumping out of the fish tank and using her fins to crawl around. She'll usually eat anything edible that gets in her path, too. She's not that adept at moving outside of water, though, so she's still not as bad as Crabbe."

Just then, a sudden outburst could be heard from within the base. "Did he say a lid for the fish tank?! I can do that! I can help with that I can make a lid for the fish tank and help out because I'm good like that-" This went on and on. Keith led the way into the Secret Base's living room, and immediately, he spotted an overexcited Makuhita piecing together a flat rectangular... thing... by haphazardly driving nails into planks of wood with her fists. Once she had finished, she proudly held up the finished product and rushed over to the fish tank, and placed it on top.

"And that's Helga, my Makuhita," Keith said. "Helga, come on, now, I keep telling you, you don't need to do all this stuff around here." Just then, Pisces, who was thoroughly unimpressed by the shoddily constructed tank lid, blasted it into little pieces with a single use of Superpower. Helga sadly looked on at the sad, splintery remains of her workmanship.

"Oh," she sighed. "I'm sorry..." she said to Keith, hanging her head.

"Helga, that's OK," Keith said as he patted the Makuhita on her head. "Why don't you go and play with Chuck?"

"Already tried that," came a voice from directly behind Keith. "Tried to teach her chess, but it doesn't seem to be her game."

"Hey! You try moving just one of those little tiny pieces with hands like these!" Helga exclaimed, waving around one of her hands, which was in a perpetual fist. The Gastly behind Keith merely chuckled at this.

Just then, Gemini came floating over, both heads looking happy to see that their trainer has returned. Then, they glanced at the Poke Balls Coselle had with her. "Hey, uh," the smaller head said, "Coselle... any chance any of those Poke Balls... contains a Spiritomb by the name of, oh, say... Vanth? We were... kinda talking to her, you see."

"So, Coselle," Keith said, "What do you want to do? You still haven't met my Foongus. Then again," he added, a sly grin creeping up his face, "I seem to recall you telling me that you would, what was it, tear me apart, once Marion had left... And I don't believe she's here at the moment. Whichever you want. It's your call," he said.

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