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Coselle walks with Keith up to his Secret Base, hand in hand, looking decidedly less irate than when she had left. Of course, the paranoid Pawniard that Keith recently obtained was not one to slack in her sentry duties for even a moment, and the Pokemon demands proof of the trio's identities before letting them through, lest a newly hatched Ditto or Zorua try and sneak their way into Keith's base to cause some trouble.

Coselle listens for the umpteeth time as the Banette Pokedex entry drones forth from Keith's Pokedex. How many times had she been traveling with Marion when some stupid trainer had to wave that device in her face? Long ago, she used to enjoy droning along with the Pokedex, reading off her entry with a creepy hint of malice, to accentuate the somewhat disturbing entry... Now, it was nothing more than a harsh reminder of what she truly was.

Originally Posted by Keith's Pokedex
Banette: The Marionette Pokemon. Banette generates energy for laying strong curses by sticking pins into its own body. This Pokémon was originally a pitiful plush doll that was thrown away.
The last sentence of that entry never sat well with Coselle. Yes, she evolved by stealing one of Marion's plush dolls (which she had not really intended to throw away, though Minerva had thought it was high time), but to be referred to as a "pitiful plush doll..." It reminded her of when she found out that police had found her former human body decaying in a garbage bag. Thrown away, indeed.

Fortunately, the morbid entry is enough for the Pawniard to let them through, and Keith decides to let Coselle climb up the ladder first, in a gentlemanly gesture. "You just want to take a look up my skirt, you jerk" she teases, play-punching him in the shoulder. Despite her sarcastic protests, however, she climbs the ladder anyhow, leading the way up to Keith's treetop base.
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