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Startled though she had been by Keith's sudden exit, Ginny continued to stand guard at the door, casting sharp glares at anything that made sudden movements. Then, after a little while, she spotted Keith walking up the path, Coselle by his side, and Myrtle behind them both. Happy though the Pawniard was to see her trainer again, she remained wary, aware that they could easily be Zorua, Zoroark, or even Ditto. As they approached the ladder, Ginny exclaimed, "Halt! Who goes there?" while brandishing her right blade like a sword.

Keith rolled his eyes, but smiled. "It's us, Ginny."

"So it would seem," the Pawniard replied suspiciously. "But I need to be certain!"

"She needs to be cer-tain," Myrtle translated for Keith.

"Ah," nodded Keith. He took out his Pokedex and pointed it at himself, Myrtle, and Coselle in turn, and the Pawniard nodded as the device rattled off the entries for Gastly, Shuppet, and Banette, respectively. She stood aside and saluted, allowing them to pass. Myrtle floated up and phased through the door, while Keith stood aside to allow Coselle up the ladder first. "After you," he said.

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