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Keith's heart sank as his pleas for Coselle to stop and listen went unheeded. Marion swiftly withdrew all her Pokemon (except for Liliana) and headed off to the bar, intent on stopping Coselle. As she left, Keith let himself fall to the floor, stunned, every bit of him wanting so much to believe that what just happened didn't happen. And yet, there was no denying it, he had driven Coselle off through his own Arceusdamn stupidity. The tears stung his eyes as he climbed back to his feet and made his way back into the living room.

"Meat Sack-" began Myrtle as she floated over to him.

"Don't. Even," Keith interrupted, his voice harsh as he held back his tears. "Myrtle... No. You and Neville... It's not happening. I forbid it."

"Wh-what?!" exclaimed Myrtle. "But you said-"

"I WAS WRONG, OK?!" Keith bellowed. "I shouldn't have listened to you! Coselle is right, Neville is nothing but bad news! Arceus damn it, it's like Halloween all over again!"

"But-" Myrtle said.

"No," Keith interrupted. "Myrtle, just... no. Just... Get back in your Poke Ball for now," he sighed as he held out the aforementioned sphere, sucking his Shuppet back in before she could protest any further. Without further ado, Keith slumped down on the nearest chair and covered his face with his hands as Chuck appeared next to him, forming some of his gas into a hand and patting Keith on the back with it. Keith had really screwed up this time, and he dearly hoped things would work out for the best. There seemed to be nothing he could do for now, except to just wait for the moment when Marion and Coselle would hopefully return to his Secret Base.

And then he realized, he couldn't just sit there. He had to take action. He had to go after Coselle himself. Wordlessly, he leapt out of the chair, dashed out the front door, and in an instant, was riding Hedwig, his own Crobat, off in the direction of the Fizzytopia Bar.

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