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Vanth laughs a bit at the Weezing's modest grin. "You are adorable, you know that? ...For a Weezing." Despite the mid-sentence personality change, the statement is no less true. Vanth chuckles a bit, before finding herself immediately and abruptly being recalled into her Pokeball by Marion. The ghostly trainer gives Gemini an apologetic glare, bowing her head.

"I'm sorry... bit of a crisis right now," she says with an anxious look in her eyes, as she goes around the room recalling her various ghost-type Pokemon. Bedivere, without being asked, taps his Pokeball and immediately retreats inside, waving goodbye to Myrtle from a distance. Cheshire also gets recalled, along with Murmur, who also seems to understand the gravity of the situation unfolding with Keith and Coselle. Marion looks around, flustered as she calls out for Liliana.

"Lil... Lil? Ugh, well, I guess she'll be fine with Peeves," Marion mutters as she makes her way over to Kuranes.

Meanwhile, Kuranes stands up on hind legs to applaud Six with his paws, a brilliant smile across his face. You are a natural, Six! If you keep on training, nothing will ever hurt you. You may speak to whomever you wish with no fear. Your cap is your shield! Defend yourself bravely!

Before Kuranes can say any more to the shy Foongus, he finds himself being scooped up by his trainer, snugly wrapped in her arms. "Sorry to interrupt you guys..." Kuranes immediately notes the distress in his trainer's eyes, and cuddles up close against her body, providing what warmth and comfort he can.

The dream is ours to do with what we wish, he whispers, so why does your heart sound so heavy? The language barrier between trainer and Pokemon is such that all Marion can understand is that he is trying to comfort her somehow. She smiles a bit, though her eyes are still filled with concern.

Coselle fell for Keith's pleas to wait before. She had let him stop her, in the Rose Garden, and confess... Let him get emotional, let him spill his guts... Let him take hold inside her mind, let him make those thoughts she knew she should have never indulged in seem so beautiful, so desirable, so real.... She had given him the chance to explain herself, and where did it get her?

Not again.

She climbs down the ladder, numb to everything around her. Everything hurt so badly that she had gone beyond feeling. Her body simply could not take the pain, and shut down, letting the anger act as the most brutal soothing agent imaginable. Marion rushes after her sister, calling out to her; "STOP IT! You're not thinking straight! Cosie... Cos- MINERVA! COME BACK, MIN- Minerva..."

Marion pauses for a moment, turning to Keith with a pained expression. "I'm going to go follow her. She... she gets like this, sometimes. I'll cut her off at the Bar." After a quick transfer using her Xtranceiver, Marion switches Murmur's Pokeball for Sangre's, and after leaving Keith's base, immediately calls out the batlike Pokemon, who notices Marion's expression and begins to look somewhat concerned himself. "To the bar," Marion orders, and Sangre obeys, allowing Marion to mount him with her precious shiny Eevee before flying off to their intended destination.


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