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Gemini's heads smiled modestly as Vanth made a sudden shift in personality and remarked on how cool it was that the Weezing helped out.

In response to Kuranes's enthusiasm, Six pulled his whole body in and tucked himself into a perfect sphere, demonstrating his Defense Curl.

As Keith was conceding to Myrtle that he would give Neville one more chance, he caught sight of Coselle's face, and immediately knew he had made a mistake, a huge, horrible mistake. As she coldly stated that she was going to the bar, as she made her way to the door, Keith made up his mind on the spot. He gave a sharp glare and a shake of the head to Myrtle, muttered, "We'll talk about this later," and went off after Coselle.

"Coselle... Coselle, please wait," Keith said as he caught up to her. "I... I'll talk Myrtle out of it somehow. I... I'm sorry. I shouldn't even have thought about it. The comparison Myrtle made is complete Tauros shit, and I should've said so... It just caught me off guard, I guess. Please don't go, Coselle. Please..." he said as tears started to form in his eyes. "Arceus, I'm so stupid," he muttered to himself. "Coselle, I'm so sorry. No more chances for Neville. None. He doesn't deserve another chance, no matter how much Myrtle seems to think he's changed. I'll talk her out of it, I'll stop this from ever happening... Please, Coselle... I should've remembered how much it means to you to kill that stupid slimy Stunfisk. I was stupid... Please... Please..." It took all his self-restraint to not break down crying as it struck him just how stupid he had just been, how much he had just hurt her with his stupidity. Again.

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