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Vanth turns to Gemini for a moment, looking him over after he explains that he helped to decorate Keith's Secret Base moments before everyone arrived. "You don't seem like the type to have an eye for interior design..." Vanth looks incredulous before a sudden personality change. "That's so cool!!"

Kuranes' fox-like tail twitches with curiosity, his eyes lighting up. Oh, yes, do let me see this defense curl of yours. The Eevee hops down from the couch to get a better look at the move. That mushroom cap of yours does look like a shield, doesn't it? Perhaps you were born to be a great defender. When you evolve, will you get more shields? You should evolve into a Pokemon entirely made of shields. It would suit you. Kuranes giggles a bit. Please, please, show me your Defense Curl!

Meanwhile, a distressed Myrtle beseeches Keith and Coselle to change their opinion about Neville, asking if it was really so hard to believe that the cruel, heartless Stunfisk had changed his ways. Of course, Keith's automatic "Yes" is rudely brushed aside by Myrtle, who would prefer to hear Coselle's side of things.

"He has done this be-fore, Myr-tle. He is a damn so-ci-o-path. He can fake his e-mo-tions, since the re-al-i-ty is that he has no real feel-ings to speak of. He is ve-ry dif-fi-cult to read. If he could de-ceive my sen-ses, what makes you think he can-not de-ceive yours?" Coselle narrows her eyes. "Just be-cause you are fal-ling for him does not mean he is fal-ling for you. E-ven if his in-tent was not ex-press-ly to hurt you... I doubt he would see you as an-y-thing more than a play-thing."

Myrtle insists to Keith that she would be able to tell if he intended on getting revenge on her. "You o-ver-es-ti-mate your pow-ers," Coselle hisses. "Your hu-bris will be your down-fall if you are not careful!"

Then, Myrtle makes a dreadful mistake... She decides to use Keith and Coselle's relationship as a comparison for her love for Neville. Coselle silently seethes, hoping that Keith would try to refute the comparison, and listens in horror as he not only allows the comparison to be made, but actually softens his hard stance against Myrtle and Neville's relationship!! He... he gives him another chance! He gives him another chance... No. No. He promised... He promised he wouldn't... Why did she believe him? Why did she fall for this nonsense?

Her head swims with a rage that rivals her intense reaction on Halloween night, though in her current form, it manifests in a sudden wave of heat that courses through her body, as if she were struck with a sudden fever from the fire within herself... Her stomach twists in knots and her teeth grit so hard she feels as if her jaw will break in half. She fights the urge to vomit. Her sight blurs as tears spring up in her eyes, stinging with salt.

Keith. The one who swore he had changed. The one who claimed he had understood... had again proved that his words meant nothing. The one who they had vowed to kill... The one that he swore he would destroy, that he would stand firm with on the day that she got her revenge... He was sending his own beloved Shuppet, who was dear to Coselle as well, to get in a romance with this heartless sociopath? Had he gone mental? Why... why was it that every time she trusted Keith, he found some way to make her regret it? No, this was it. If he loved her... no, he couldn't love her. Not if he would do something like this. Not if he would give Neville another chance. Authorities be damned. At this point, she could care less how long they put her away. All that mattered was revenge. That was all. That was everything. That was all she lived for, wasn't it? And when the deed was done, she would be blissfully returned into the arms of death with no regrets.

Coselle's voice, which had initially been rising with anger, now seemed oddly cold, almost dead. Turning to Keith, she simply says "That is e-nough. I am go-ing to the Bar," before making her way to the door, intent upon turning what little humanity she has left into one of the most horrible curses she could possibly lay upon another living being. Hopefully, Marion would visit her in rehabilitation. But at least she would be herself again... And maybe, with time, she could free her mind from the awful liar she had grown to like so much. For now, though, she had to get out of here and make her way to the Bar... If there was any place that she could find information and gossip about the whereabouts of a certain trainer and his Stunfisk, that would be it. Of course, with her powers effectively gone and her incredibly strong emotions likely reading loud in clear, it was a task more easily said than done...
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