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Originally Posted by Tyoyo3131 View Post
Trading a Lv. 1 female Makuhita to Missingno. Master for a set of Vanillish decor (Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry)

Trade Initiated

The doors of the Cable Club swung open as Keith walked in, Meowth on his shoulder as usual, and what appeared to be three ice cream cones held tightly in his arms. As James, a trainer he had met before, approached his end of the trade machine and placed a Poke Ball on it, Keith unloaded the frozen treats in his arms onto his end. One was made of vanilla ice cream, one was chocolate, and the other one was strawberry. They were all made to look like miniature Vanillish, and they seemed to have similar properties to the Nevermeltice, which, as the name implied, was ice that did not melt. The machine activated, and in an instant, a Poke Ball replaced the decorative Vanillish sculptures.

Keith grabbed the ball and grinned. "Wha'd ya trade fer?" asked Meowth. "Is dat a Budew? A Tentacool? Female Nidoran?"

"No, no, not a Poison-type," Keith replied. "But nobody else seemed to want her, and I just felt sorry for her." With that, he hurled the ball into the air, unleashing the plump form of a Makuhita.

"Maku?" the Makuhita said, looking up at Keith.

"Hey there," Keith said as he crouched down to speak with her at face level. "My name's Keith, I'm your new trainer. This is Meowth," he added.

"Hey dere," Meowth greeted the Fighting-type.

Makuhita slowly smiled. "Hita! Maku Makuhita!" she exclaimed as she hugged Keith.

"Makuhita's thankin' youse fer givin' her a chance, and sayin' she promises she won't let youse down," Meowth translated.

"Ah, don't worry," Keith assured his newest Pokemon. "I'm sure we'll get along just fine... Wait, we need a name for you... How does Helga sound?"

The Makuhita nodded vigorously. Keith grinned. "Helga it is, then," he stated as he returned the Makuhita to her Poke Ball and walked out.

OOC: Trading 1 set of Vanillish Secret Base decor (1 vanilla, 1 chocolate, 1 strawberry) to Tyoyo for his level 1 female Makuhita. Thanks!

*Trade Closed*
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