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Gemini floated alongside Vanth. "It's our trainer's Secret Base," explained the Weezing's larger head. "Brand new, too- we had just finished with the decorating, and then everyone here started showing up about two minutes later."

"We helped with the decorating, him and I," added the smaller head.

Six listened as Kuranes stated that if he fears attack, he should learn to defend. "Um... Well, I do know one move that could help a little with defending..." he said quietly. "I... I can use Defense Curl... If you'd like to see it, I... I could show you... A-and, I like the sound of... of that idea... you know... changing the minds of others who would... want to attack me... I-I'm not sure how I could do that, though," he added nervously.

As Myrtle had feared, Coselle did not react to the news very well. She asserted that Neville was a sadist and a torturer, suggested that Neville had been trying to seduce her, all the while slipping back into her stutter as her rage built, and at the moment, Keith couldn't blame her.

"It is not like that!" Myrtle exclaimed, tears in her eyes. "Do not call him use-less scum! Is it so hard to be-lieve that he could have changed?!"

"Yes," Keith answered automatically.

"Shut up, Meat Sack," growled Myrtle. "I was not as-king you! Co-selle, I know you think he is a sa-dist. We al-so thought he was a ma-so-chist, right? When I used Curse on him, he did not en-joy the pain at all... And he at-tacked me in re-tal-i-a-tion... I could taste his thirst for ven-geance... It... It was beau-ti-ful," Myrtle said quietly. "He has fee-lings, just like us... I mis-judged him. We all did. So what if he is a lit-tle ec-cen-tric-"

"A little eccentric?" Keith repeated incredulously. "He rigged the entire Bar with Stealth Rock and blasted Overheat attacks in every direction, right after he revealed how he deceived everyone into thinking he had changed!"

"My mem-o-ry is as per-fect as e-ver," snapped Myrtle. "Do you real-ly think that af-ter what had pre-vi-ous-ly hap-pened, I would not be more than a lit-tle sus-pi-cious at first? Co-selle, re-mem-ber when you told me that I would on-ly feel joy when us-ing Curse on some-one who tru-ly de-served the suf-fer-ing? I thought I would feel joy, but no... I felt ter-ri-ble. It sur-prised me at first, but I rea-lized that Ne-ville is not as bad as we have been ma-king him out to be."

"I can't believe what I'm hearing," Keith stated. "Myrtle... Neville is an extremely good actor, you know that, right?"

"Not that good," replied Myrtle. "He... Why can't you just ac-cept this?" she asked pleadingly.

"You said he attacked you in retaliation, and you could tell he wanted revenge," Keith stated. "What if this is his revenge? Stringing you along?"

"It is not," Myrtle asserted firmly. "I would be a-ble to taste it if that was his mo-tive. Meat Sack... What a-bout you and Co-selle? Af-ter the in-ci-dent on Hal-lo-ween, did you ho-nest-ly e-ver think that you two would end up to-geth-er? Could a-ny-one have pre-dic-ted that?"

Keith blinked. He honestly hadn't thought of that, and Myrtle made a fair point. "Yeah, but still," he said. "Myrtle... you do realize I care about you, right? You realize I don't want to see you get hurt?"

"I know," nodded Myrtle. "But... can't you just trust me on this?"

Keith sighed. "Look, Myrtle, if this is really what you want, I'll support you, but... is this really what you want? I mean, is this really what you want?"

"Yes," Myrtle replied with no hesitation whatsoever. "I love Ne-ville. Please... I know you gave him ma-ny chan-ces in the past, but all I ask is you both give him one more..."

Keith sighed again. "For the record, I'm against this," he stated. "Allowing this to happen goes against every instinct I got. He doesn't deserve another chance, not after all the trouble he's caused, and after everyone he's hurt. Then again... that day in the park, I was following Gadget, and Meowth was trying to stop me for similar reasons... And I have to admit, that turned out better than I ever could have imagined," he said, giving the smallest of smiles to Coselle. "Very well, Myrtle. I can't believe I'm saying this- I mean, I really, really can't believe I'm saying this, especially given what's happened in the past- but Neville gets one more chance. Just the one, and that's only because you seem to have your heart set on him- far be it from me to keep any Pokemon of mine from being happy. He blows this chance, though, and that's it."

"Thank you," sighed Myrtle in relief as she gave a genuine smile. "You can-not i-ma-gine how much this means to me, Keith." Keith smiled back, registering her rare usage of his actual name, as opposed to "Meat Sack" or some variation on it. She then turned to face Coselle, hoping that she would be willing to afford Neville the same last chance. Keith got the feeling Coselle wouldn't be quite as willing to give Neville another chance, but hoped that she would if it was for the sake of another Shuppet's happiness.

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