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Vanth nods vaguely, before floating off, distracted... she begins to wander about the Base, looking around at everything, humming a little tune. "I do not know what this place is, but it looks nice," she says contentedly. "I love the decor."

Keith confirms Coselle's suspicions about the Basculin's no-nonsense personality; the fish either saw others as individuals to be respected, or as prey, with no in-between. Given Pisces' reference to the stories about Minerva and her obvious lack of hostility towards her, Coselle mused that she must fall in the former category.

A pleasure to meet you, as well. I have to say... I like your categorization system. Coselle's eyes flicker with a bit of dark mischief. Perhaps I should adopt it myself...

Meanwhile, Marion silently watches over Kuranes and Six as they interact, noting that Severus has decided to join in the conversation. She gives him a silent wave, but decides not to interrupt their discussion.

Most do not attack without reason... though one wonders if any reason is good enough to be so cruel. Kuranes snorts, looking a little annoyed. I do not appreciate the lust some creatures have for constant sparring and violence. Seems altogether unnecessary, most of the time. Kuranes shakes his head. Anyway... If you fear attack, you should learn how to defend. Then you will not be afraid, because you will be able to endure any onslaught that may occur. That would seem the most reasonable answer. Then again... Perhaps if you learned how to change the minds of those who seek to attack you, the strategy would serve you even better. What do you think?

Kuranes then turns his attention to Severus, who has joined in the conversation. You are his uncle, then? He looks to Severus, then to Six, then back at Severus. I see the resemblance... Not physically, perhaps, but still, it is there all the same. Kuranes gives both Severus and Six a wide, daydreamy smile.

Meanwhile, after gaining a bit more confidence from her talk with Bedivere, Myrtle finally decides to float over to Keith and Coselle, who are still talking beside the fish tank. Keith greets his Pokemon, and Coselle gives her a small smile and a nod in acknowledgement. Though most of her powers were unusable in her current state, she could still sense emotions from others... and Myrtle was definitely sweating bullets. Perhaps her feelings had something to do with Bedivere... No matter what the reason, Coselle decides that the matter is best left to Keith to resolve, and so she decides to take on the role of observer as Keith asks his Shuppet what she would like to tell him. Coselle had to admit that she was a little shocked that Myrtle no longer pined for Bedivere; she seemed to have fallen hard, but she supposed that bit of puppy love was destined to fade. What bothers Coselle, however, is the feeling of fear radiating off of Myrtle... What potential boyfriend was so terrible as to produce this feeling? Not wanting to be hypocritical, having dated her fair share of bad boys in the past, Coselle keeps her mouth shut, but cannot help but worry for her younger friend. What kind of trouble was she getting herself into...?

Keith tries his best to be reassuring. After all, he was a fairly laid-back person, who allowed his Pokemon all manner of freedom. He tries to lighten the mood by cracking a joke, suggesting that at least Myrtle was not in love with her arch-nemesis Neville... Right? Right? Coselle knew the answer before it even dawned on Keith, such was the strength of Myrtle's feelings. Coselle grits her teeth, her eyes narrowing into tiny, pale slits. Balling up her fists, she does her level best not to begin screaming at the top of her loves.

"Myrtle, darrrlinggg..." Coselle fights not to slip into her stutter, but as her rage builds, it gradually takes over; "What makes you think that Ne-ville is ca-pa-ble of love at all? Has he been try-ing to se-duce you, per-haps? Do not tell me you are fall-ing for it... You re-mem-ber the last time I spoke with him... Said he had changed... HAH!" The laugh comes out like a battle cry, ringing through the Secret Base. "He is a sad-ist and a tor-tur-er. He will de-light in your pain. The mo-ment you fall in love with him... you will be at his mer-cy. Is that what you want? To let him string you on, on-ly to be left hurt-ing? He is a vile, soul-less mon-ster! Get that through your head, Myr-tle! DO NOT FALL FOR USELESS SCUM LIKE HIM!"

Upon hearing Coselle screaming, Marion gently places Kunares down on the floor beside Six, and rushes over to the fish tank to make sure she's there in the event that she needs to be restrained. Even if Coselle seemed completely unable to use her powers, there was always that chance...
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