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Gemini listened patiently as Vanth's various personalities all fought to tell their life stories first, until one of the personalities put a stop to it and started to talk about the one point at least most of them could agree upon- when they became a Spiritomb. Eventually, they revealed that Taran's Thunder Wave could stop the voices when an argument broke out.

"We guess so," sighed Gemini's larger head as Vanth explained that it was a necessary evil. "Still, Taran is using Thunder Wave. All we've got to work with is Thunderbolt, and we're pretty sure that's a lot more painful, even when we try to tone it down."

"Still, I guess we could try to get used to it," added the smaller head. "If it helps you more than it hurts you, we'll try to be fine with it."

Coselle seemed to admire Pisces, remarking on how she seemed to be a real no-nonsense type. "Oh, yeah," nodded Keith. "As far as Pisces is concerned, everyone falls into one of two categories; those she respects, and those she has yet to eat." Coselle then greeted Pisces in Banette language, introducing herself as Coselle, and then stating that she might know her better as Minerva.

"Yes, I've heard of you," replied Pisces. "And if half the stuff I've heard about you is true, then I consider it a pleasure to meet you, Coselle."

Kuranes sympathized with Six's lack of confidence in speaking with others, before going off on a tangent, wondering what it would be like to be able to know what others are thinking. He then offered a paw for Six to shake, telling him he can call him K. "Um... Sure, K," replied Six quietly as he shook the Shiny Eevee's paw. "Um... I... I do like getting to know others... I guess... kinda... I guess it is a little exciting... I... I'm not sure if I'd... like to know what... what others are thinking, though. I... I worry enough as it is... you know, what other people think of me... Whether someone would rather... you know... attack me, rather than talk to me... Dad's always telling me I shouldn't worry so much... But sometimes I can't help it..."

Just then, a Dustox flew down, hovering next to the Foongus. "Hey there, buddy," Severus said to Six. "There you are!"

"Oh, oh, hi, Uncle Severus," Six replied, sounding slightly more at ease in the Dustox's presence. "Um... This is Kuranes, my friend. Kuranes, this is my Uncle Severus."

"Pleased to meet you," Severus said to the Eevee. "I'm glad Six here is making himself new friends, James and Lily are always trying to help him be a little more outgoing."

Over in the corner, Bedivere told Myrtle that if she didn't need the approval of Keith and Coselle, then what they thought shouldn't matter that much to her how they reacted. "Thank you, Be-di-vere," Myrtle said after the Frillish had had his say. "You are right... It should not mat-ter how they re-act, be-cause I know how I feel, and that is all I need. It is just... I have al-ways had re-spect for Co-selle, and I am e-ven star-ting to have some re-spect for Meat Sack... But you are right," she said again, sounding a little more determined. "How-e-ver they re-act, all that mat-ters is what my heart tells me." With that, she floated over to where Keith and Coselle were, at the fish tank containing Pisces.

"Hey, Myrtle," Keith said.

"Meat Sack," replied Myrtle. "Co-selle. I have some-thing I need to tell you, but... I am not sure how to put it..."

"Well, what is it?" Keith asked. "Give it a shot."

"...Well," Myrtle said, looking down, "I... I have re-cent-ly dis-co-vered that Be-di-vere is not the Po-ke-mon I am in love with af-ter all..."

"Well, then who?" asked Keith. When Myrtle hesitated to answer, he gave a little chuckle. "Come on, now," he continued. "How bad can it be? I mean, what possible Pokemon can you possibly be in love with that is so shocking that you don't want to say it? I mean, it's not like you're in love with Neville, or something absurd like that," Keith said as he started laughing. At this, however, Myrtle gave Keith a very significant look, and his laughter slowly died down as his eyes widened in shock and dawning comprehension, his amused grin morphing into a more horrified look.

"Well..." Myrtle began.

"No," Keith said in a hushed tone. "No, no. Myrtle... Please tell me that you're not in love with that... that... that thing, that electrically charged hellspawn. Myrtle, come on now, please tell me, this isn't funny."

"Damn straight, it's not fun-ny," Myrtle said. "I am in love with Ne-ville."

Keith could not respond to this. No words came to him as he stared at Myrtle as though fearful for her sanity. The Shuppet could taste her trainer's shock, horror, and outrage, and while it would have made a most delectable meal for her, Myrtle wasn't all that hungry at the moment.

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