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Vanth is surprisingly calm during Gemini's tale of becoming Keith's Pokemon; despite exhibiting the occasional twitch and inaudible muttering, she controls herself well enough to avoid any outbursts during the tale. When he asks what her story happens to be, she nearly explodes with answers.

"I was a trainer on the S.S. Anne- NO! I was a clerk at Silph Co., been working there for five... Magma, Team Magma, rising through the ranks, just got my first... a lady fisherman off the coast of the Lake of Rage, don't see the likes of me too often any- people paid me a lot for my movies, you know - I wonder how my children are doing - we are all wondering how our Pokemon are doing - you had Pokemon? Lucky son of a bi- Hey, that type of language is totally inappropriate. Now why don't you all just settle down and listen to how I helped construct the Village Bridge-"

Eventually, one of Vanth's personalities cries out; "ENOUGH! We will be here for at least a year if we let every one of us tell our life story. Let us start from what we all agree on... When we first became a Spiritomb." Vanth visibly rolls her eyes, as some of the other personalities display their annoyance, but Vanth goes on to describe her memories anyhow.

"We woke up in a daze. Hard to say what the room was like. We all started talking at once; the pain was indescribable, it is hard to even explain what it is like to have so many voices trapped in one head. We tried to speak, but only garbled nonsense came out. It was as if we were all talking at once, and all that could come out was screams. There were people there - we do not remember them clearly, as our head was in such pain that it was hard to even see straight - but we remember a male voice, speaking loud and clear; 'Check the development records. Something is clearly wrong with this one.' We don't know what happened next... We felt our body being sucked into some kind of vortex... We know now it was a Pokeball, but at the time, we thought we were somehow being terminated for whatever fault had occurred in our development.

Fast forward, and we find ourselves materializing in a place we don't recognize-" Vanth's voice suddenly changes to a higher pitch; "Uh, YOU may not recognize it, but I've been there before. It was the Coins for Prizes Shop. I remember going there to buy my Vaporeon back when she was an Eevee. I guess we were sent there to be dumped on whatever poor sod would be willing to train a defective Spiritomb. We were sad, distressed, constantly fighting - the only personalities that had the strength to manifest were the ones that only wanted to cause utter destruction.

Eventually, we learned to speak in turns. It was hard, because none of us wanted to let go of control, but we had to make decisions. Until one of us wins out over the others... We have to take turns, though some of us still don't know how to- HEY, watch the attitude, missy." Vanth narrows her eyes. "This is exactly what I mean. I wasn't even finished. SO. RUDE." Vanth shakes her head, grimacing a bit. "Anyway... a young lady came to adopt us as a gift for a trainer friend of hers. She seemed really excited about it... Even if we did do a number on her. Marion is nice enough, I guess, but her sister really knows how to keep us focused. She was inspired by electroshock therapy in humans, and figured out that Taran's thunder wave could stop the voices momentarily when they either got overwhelming or malevolent. She was hesitant at first... like you... but in the absence of other methods, it is a necessary evil."

Coselle follows Keith to the aquarium, admiring the the vicious, predatory Pisces. "I like the look in her eye," she says with a smirk to Keith. "Real no-nonsense type of gal, hmmm? I appreciate that." Coselle leans in to take a better look at the blue-striped Basculin, addressing her in Banette language. You must be Pisces, then? I am Coselle... but perhaps you know me better as Minerva.

Kuranes gives Six a sympathetic look. I suppose it is hard to speak to others... all of their thoughts are inside their heads, locked away tightly. They are like iceburgs, I suppose, in that way. One never knows what they are like... how dangerous they are, underneath. I wonder what it would be like to know what people are thinking. It would certainly make other people less scary... Then again, we would lose all of that lonesome incubation, that separation from others that differentiates us, the space within our own heads to develop. Besides, isn't the process of finding out what people are like exciting? I guess the nervousness is worth it, in that way... Think of it as an adventure. Kuranes chuckles, extending a paw in greeting much as his trainer did. You can call me K. Most of the team does.

Bedivere nods with a gentle smile, allowing Myrtle to lead him to a more private area to speak. Myrtle confesses her love for Neville, admitting that she at first thought that Bedivere was her true love, only to realize that Bedivere's insistent pairing of the Shuppet and the Stunfisk was based in truth. Unfortunately, Myrtle knew how badly that Coselle and Keith would take the news... and sought Bedivere's advice for how to deal with breaking the news to them. Bedivere seems deep in thought for a moment.

"If you do not need their approval, then what does it matter how they react? If you are in love, then you are in love, and that is all there is to it! Ohohoho~" Bedivere grins. "Ah, but my dear Lady Myrtle, even if they rant and rave, they must want what is best for you. If this love is what will complete your heart and fill your soul, then what does it matter if you are in love with a creature so reviled and despised by others? It will take time. It may hurt, the words that they use, the jeers, the violent expressions. But they will learn... they will learn to trust in what your heart tells you, as you have only recently begun to do yourself. Ah, my dear lady... I am glad... so glad... that the truth made itself plain to you in the nick of time. I wish you all the happiness in the world. I hope you know that, ohohoho~" Bedivere wraps his tentacles around Myrtle, embracing her tightly, as a dear friend. "Do not fear whatever comes, because love is in your heart. It will protect you, ohohoho~!"
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