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"True," conceded Gemini's larger head. "Well... Might as well start at the beginning. I hatched from my Egg eight years ago, somewhere in the Fiery Path in Hoenn. Nobody was there to see it happen. I didn't know my parents. For two days I floated around aimlessly, looking for my family, living off whatever scraps of garbage I could find. Then I stumble across this territory belonging to this pair of Machop. They weren't very welcoming. The older of the two Machop, he starts beating me up. I try to fight back, but I'm too low in level. All I had was Poison Gas and Tackle, and they weren't stopping it. Finally, his Mega Kick sends me flying, and I land at the feet of this fourteen-year-old human. He realized very quickly what was going on, and he caught me in a Poke Ball, and he rushed me out of that cave. Next thing I know, I'm in the Lavaridge Town Pokemon Center having my injuries treated. The nurse gave me back to Keith- my trainer- and told him to look after me for a week to help me fully recover before letting me back into the wild. And that week was just incredible, I had never known anyone more kind before. I liked him right from the start, before I even got to know him. He spent all his spare time with me that week, and when it came time to release me... I didn't want to go, and he didn' want me to go. So we just looked at each other, and that's when we knew that from then on, I was his Pokemon. About a week after that, Keith got his trainer's license, and made his way out here to Fizzytopia."

"I came into the picture, oh, about three years later," added the smaller head. "But that's enough about us for now- what about you, Vanth?"

Coselle declared Keith's sole thought of the future as typical of men, but then assured him that she would tear him apart once Marion leaves. Keith knew perfectly well that Coselle very likely meant that in a more literal fashion, but her words brought a grin to his face nevertheless. Coselle then held the door open for Keith, and stated that she had been meaning to get better acquainted with his Pokemon. "All right, then, let's go," Keith said as he walked into the other room, first leading Coselle over to the aquarium across the room, which currently only contained Pisces, his Blue-Striped Basculin.

As Marion extended a hand, Six timidly shook it with one of his stubby little hands. Marion then sent out her newest Pokemon for Six to meet- Kuranes, a Shiny Eevee. Kuranes was sent out right onto Marion's lap, from where he looked down kindly at Six, and asked what frightened the young Foongus.

"Uh... Um... Well..." squeaked Six, "I... I guess I'm just... kinda... a little n-nervous around others... Um... Mom and Dad tell me I should try to... to talk to others a little... little more... Uncle Severus says that too..." As Six spoke, he seemed to be trying to obscure his face with his mushroom cap. "Um... Y-your trainer said your name was... Kuranes, right? It's... Um... It's nice to... to meet you... Kuranes. M-my name is Six."

"Per-haps we could talk a lit-tle more pri-vate-ly?" Myrtle suggested. "I am not cer-tain I want to be o-ver-heard..." She led Bedivere over to the corner near the refrigerator, where nobody was. Myrtle sighed before she continued speaking. "Be-di-vere... Re-mem-ber how you would al-ways in-sist that I loved Ne-ville, and how I would al-ways de-ny it, and you would claim I was ly-ing? Well... The lies I told you were in fact lies, I just did not know this un-til re-cent-ly," Myrtle said quietly. "Un-til re-cent-ly, I thought I was in love with a-noth-er... It was you, in fact... But with you, I guess what I loved was that you had shown me more kind-ness than I had e-ver known in life," Myrtle admitted. "But... I know how I feel now. I am tru-ly in love with Ne-ville. And I be-lieve he feels the same way a-bout me, but that is not the big prob-lem," Myrtle sighed. "No, the is-sue is... how do I tell Meat Sack and Co-selle? They hate Ne-ville. Near-ly e-ver-y-one on my team hates Ne-ville. I do not need their app-ro-val, of course, but it would still be nice... What should I do, Be-di-vere?" Myrtle asked. "I want to tell them, but I know they will not be hap-py a-bout it..."

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