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"Well, why not? We did ask, after all," Vanth chuckles a bit. "It would be rude to ask and not expect an answer."

Coselle laughs darkly at Keith's singular thought of the future. "Just like a man, hmmm?" She smirks as she leans in close, her voice lowering to a soft hiss. "Ah, but not to worry. The moment Marion leaves... I am tearing you apart." Coselle cackles, almost maniacally, as she jumps up from the bed, opening the door for Keith. "To the other room, then? I have been meaning to get better acquainted with your Pokemon, after all..."

Concentrating deeply on the research that she had unearthed about her sister, Marion almost misses the tiny voice that addresses her; shaken out of her reverie, she turns to meet the little Foongus that has said hello. Though she cannot understand the language which it speaks, she can sense that the Foongus is attempting to greet her.

"Hello, there! Nice to meet you, little guy! You must be Lily and James' child. Six, right? I've heard all about you from Keith." She extends a hand for the little guy to shake, while removing a Premier ball from her belt. "I think I have someone here that would make a good playmate for you."

Marion points the Pokeball to her lap, and materializes the silhouette of a tiny fox Pokemon, which rests very comfortably on Marion's lap. As the bright light fades, it becomes apparent that the Pokemon she has called out is an Eevee... but this particular Eevee is markedly different than Six's teammate Cyanide, in that his fur is a remarkably pale, almost ghostly color. Marion pats the Eevee on the head, whose face brightens the moment he receives her attention. "Kuranes, this is Six. Want to say hello?"

The sleepy-looking Eevee yawns a bit, his soft eyes looking kindly upon the shy, bashful Six. After a pause, the Eevee finally speaks; You seem afraid. What frightens you so?

Meanwhile, before Chuck can even make his first move, Myrtle floats over to Bedivere, and he can read clearly from the look on her face that something is definitely on her mind. Myrtle confirms his suspicions, stating that she would like to talk with him about something, but would not mind waiting until the game is over. Fortunately, Chuck is more than willing to suspend the game, especially at such an early stage.

"If Chuck does not see the matter with putting our game on hold, then I do not see the matter with it, either! Let us go then, you and I, when the evening is spread out against the sky like a patient etherized upon the table, ohohoho~" Bedivere gracefully stands up, floating away from the game to address Myrtle. "Shall we speak here, or must you direct me somewhere else to talk? Whatever will make you happy shall make me happy too, ohohoho~"
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