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Umbreon Spikkle's Squad of Stupendously Splendid Super Squishy Soldiers

Moving my squad from their old summary post on Serebii to here.

UPN - It's where the cool kids are.™

(Still) Trainer Level One

Record [Win-Lose-Tie]

DQ Record [Win by DQ-Lose by DQ]

9 KOs, 31 TP, 0.75 SP

Reffings in Progress
SPPf: defiantdenial vs. SuperElekid45

SPPf: Squirtle Man vs. KirbyMon36

SPPf: Kush vs. kusari

SPPf: Firesoul vs. lightpanda

SPPf: ShuckTsubo vs. poyplemcmuffins

Inactive Reffings (Still ongoing, but battlers haven't responded for at least a fortnight)

Past Reffings

It's probably bad that only around half of these netted me any SP.
Spoiler: show

Matches in Progress

UPN (2)
vs. biggggg5 (Ref: zerozoner)
vs. Salamencia (Ref: Ethe)

Serebii (1)
vs. HaunterShadow92 (Ref: zerozoner)

Pending (1)
vs. Copygoo (Needs a ref!)

Match History:

Pokemon: (16/16)

Hollo: Level 1 Male Cubone

Spoiler: show
Spikkle's oldest squad-mate and constant aide, Hollo the Cubone is ever looming at the edge of the ref's box, ready to chip in with a cutting remark. His hobbies include rough-housing, rabble-rousing and interpretive dance.
Signature Move: Aerial Axe [GD]
Spoiler: show
Hollo executes Aerial Ace while charging up ground-type energy in his bone, converting the attack to the ground-type. Other than the type change, Aerial Axe executes in exactly the same way as Aerial Ace.
Since he's become so focused on using Aerial Axe instead, Hollo can no longer pull off an ordinary Aerial Ace attack.

Tinny Winny:Level 1 Genderless Magnemite
Spoiler: show
Once a lowly worker Pokemon in a power plant, Tinny Winny is an emotionless drone who obeys orders unthinkingly. We tried to get it to show a little personality, but honestly it seems happier without one.
Special Technique: Thunder Charge [EL]
Spoiler: show
Tinny Winny shoots a small ball of electricity containing a very strong charge but hardly any voltage. The ball moves slowly, like a Zap Cannon, and does no direct damage, but upon the surface that the ball hits, any subsequent electric attacks from Tinny Winny will bend towards it, making them more accurate and difficult to dodge. This 'surface', of course, can include the surface of an opponent's body.
Even if Tinny Winny purposely tries to aim any electric attacks AWAY from the surface hit by Thunder Charge, then the attack will still have a roughly 25% chance of being redirected towards that surface.
Tinny Winny can only use Thunder Charge once per battle.
Thunder Charge uses considerable energy.

Baby John: Level 1 Male Togepi
Spoiler: show
Growing up with only his fellow 'buddy boys' to support him on the West Side of Manhattan was tough for Baby John, but with his own unique brand of optimism he managed to maintain his innocence and naivety despite slanderous reports of involvement in gang warfare, flagrant racism and secretly being a woman. As one of the Jets, he took his gang name to heart and trained to sail, to hold the sky, out in the sun and home, free home!
Special Training: When you're a Jet [FL]
Spoiler: show
"Here come the Jets:
Little world, step aside!
Better go underground,
Better run, better hide!"
Togepi's natural levitation abilities are enhanced to the point that he can move in the air very ably; just as competent and maneuverable as any Flying-type pokemon. He has learned Fly, Aerial Ace and Drill Peck (executed by closing the spines on his head to a point and spinning) but has forgotten his more ground-worthy Rollout, Curse, Ancientpower and Mud-Slap techniques.

RockOn: Level 1 Female Vulpix
Spoiler: show
RockOn, the musical Vulpix with a knack for the spiritual. After going through a couple of weird goth phases, she finally learned to stop moping about so much and start channeling her spritual prowess in a more practical way. She learned to apply her powers to change her paws into a ghostly, pseudo-ethereal state, letting her move extremely quickly for short periods of time, as if dancing on a cushion of air.
Special Training: Ghostpaw [GH]
Spoiler: show
RockOn has learned Detect and is considered to be familiar with Agility, however when she uses either of these moves she uses up Ghost-type energy instead of typless. Regardless of which type of Ghostpaw she is using, she can only execute the technique twice per match.

Bug-in Me: Level 1 Female Mawile
Spoiler: show
Bug-in Me really doesn't like being taken by surprise; she is the living antithesis of pratical jokers and bears a great grudge against anyone who in her eyes conforms to this stereotype. She is therefore often taken to have a somewhat severe personality, but actually has a softer side towards her teammates and those she trusts.
Special Defence: Deadly Interception [NO]
Spoiler: show
Tired of being snuck up upon, Bug-in Me has developed a cruel remedy for any who would dare to do so. She can now use a variation on Reversal, which works in much the same way, except that rather than her arms she uses her gaping gnashers to grab the offending limb etc. and hurl the opponent to the ground. This attack does a Bite's worth more damage than the normal move thanks to the clamping action of her deadly jaws, but uses a Strength's worth more energy due to the physical exertion required to lift the opponent using only her mouth.

Belcher: Level 1 Male Croagunk
Special Attack: One Thousand Needles [PO]
Spoiler: show
Belcher executes a variation of Poison Sting which is much more powerful. Each projectile does a miniscule amount of damage even compared to a normal Poison Sting missile, but Belcher launches literally hundreds of them in a relatively short period of time. Against a target attempting to execute a direct physical attack (e.g. Take Down, Wing Attack, ThunderPunch, Mega Kick, etc etc) this attack will generally overwhelm the opponent by sheer force of numbers and interrupt the opposing move. Exceptions are made if the opponent is particularly large, about the size of a Donphan or bigger, in which case they will still be slowed down significantly for the duration of Belcher's attack, up to the size of a Kangaskhan or larger, who will still take the full damage but will largely be able to shrug off the side-effect of slowing. Total damage is akin to a Poison Jab plus a Poison Sting, and this attack has twice the chance of poisoning the opponent compared to a Poison Sting attack. Energy usage is just a little above Hyper Beam, Belcher can only use this attack once per battle, and he must briefly rest afterwards, as per Hyper Beam.

Buh-Lister: Level 1 Female Zubat
Spoiler: show
Buh-Lister loves launching things, with a thorough understanding of physics and aerodynamics and a keen interest in astronomy. Her enthusiasm and expertise isn't quite matched by her physical stature though, and she sometimes finds herself in trouble when she gets over-ambitious with her projectile attacks.
Special Training: IPSM (Inter-Pokemon Ballistic Missile) [PO]
Spoiler: show
The power of Buh-Lister's Sludge Bomb, Heat Wave and Shadow Ball attacks is increased by 33%, as well as their energy consumption.
However, since she's so tiny, she can't quite muster using these same powerful moves over and over. As a consequence, whenever Buh-Lister is ordered to use Sludge Bomb, Heat Wave or Shadow Ball, she cannot use the ordered attack again in the same round, or for the next round after being used.

Borisina: Level 1 Female Drowzee
Spoiler: show
Borisina is abnormally strong-willed and determined, and stubborn to boot. She never backs down on anything she commits to, even if she can see that it will only end in misery.

Special Training: Hard-Headed [XX]
Spoiler: show
Borisina's strength of will means that she enters battle with an effect similar to Calm Mind present, without the increase in special attack capability. All other effects of Calm Mind remain in this technique.

Drybones: Level 1 Male Duskull
Spoiler: show
In the Hoenn region, there lies a place where all good souls come to rest. A bleak and unforgiving desert, cruel towards the living, creates the ideal place to the bones of the long-dead to remain undisturbed.
Unfortunately, there are some who never could pass on in this way. Drybones was one of the foolish ones, who attempted to steal these legendary relics to sell for his own profit. The desert claimed him, and he was trapped by the sands, destined to stand guard over the bones that he once tried to pilfer.
Special Training - Desert Vigil [NO]
Spoiler: show
Drybones can now use Bone Rush (by conjuring a bone, similar to Lucario's method of using it), and takes no damage from Sandstorm.

The Entire London Philharmonic Orchestra (Level 1 Male Whismur)
Spoiler: show
The Entire London Philharmonic Orchestra is well-known for its prowess in Pokemon battles. By harnessing its innate sense of rhythm and grace, it brings its affinity for music to bear in combat situations. Of course, The Entire London Philharmonic Orchestra needs plenty of time for musical practice, too, so sometimes its mind is more in tune with, well, its tunes.
Special Training: Adagio, Andante, Allegro! [XX]
Spoiler: show
The Entire London Philharmonic Orchestra tends to enter battle in a certain 'mind-set', according to the musical project that it has been rehearsing for recently. Being an unpredictable and focused performer, TEPLO will battle with just one of the following three modes active. The mode is determined randomly by the ref when TELPO comes onto the field, and will not change for the remainder of that match.

In 'Adagio', The Entire London Philharmonic Orchestra acts ponderously, taking a moderate penalty to its speed and agility. However, it enters the battle with a serene and stately attitude, making it less likely to fall for deceptive or mind-affecting techniques, such as Sucker Punch or Attract.

In 'Andante', The Entire London Philharmonic Orchestra acts at a normal pace. This mode does not grant TELPO any bonuses or penalties.

In 'Allegro', The Entire London Philharmonic Orchestra acts hastily, gaining a moderate bonus to its speed and agility. However, it enters the battle with a jumpy, somewhat frustrated attitude making it more likely to fall for deceptive or mind-affecting techniques. It is especially susceptible to Taunt in this mode.

Scutter (Level 1 Male Anorith)

Spoiler: show
Cursed as a sea-dwelling, creepy-crawly rock-type Pokemon, Scutter's one dream is to fly like the birds. Though he tries his hardest, his feeble body can only ever seem to take him a few feet off the ground.
Special Attack: Wicked Flip Through the Air [NO]
Spoiler: show
By utilising the fins on the side of his body like tiny wings, Scutter is capable of pulling off a rather aerodynamic leap into the air, able to form this into an attack. This works like a normal-typed version of Aerial Ace, with the same effects and energy use.

Kooky Monster (Level 1 Male Krabby)
Spoiler: show
Kooky Monster rather enjoys crunchy baked treats, being highly eccentric and wearing assorted chef hats. BY THESE POWERS COMBINED, I AM...
Special Training: COOKIEEE! OM NOM NOM NOM! [NO]
Spoiler: show
Kooky Monster's mouth is about as powerful as a single one of his pincers after eating lots and lots of COOKIIIEES. He can now use a slightly weaker version of Crunch, without any dark energy or added dark damage.

Chuck (Level 1 Male Throh)
Special Defence: Brick Wall Stance
Spoiler: show
At any time, Chuck is capable of shifting into his 'Brick Wall Stance'. This does not cost a move, but it renders him completely immobile for as long as he is in the stance. He must be in the stance for a minimum of two rounds (the round it is used in, and the round after that). Chuck becomes extremely difficult to push or knock over in this stance; it would require a Pokemon of Kangaskhan-size or greater exerting a powerful physical attack to shift him. In addition, any throwing moves (Storm Throw, Vital Throw, etc) or redirecting moves (Reversal, Payback, etc, but NOT Bide) work with 33% extra power, while costing 50% extra energy.
Shifting out of Brick Wall Stance can also be done without expending a move, but doing this immediately negates the benefits of the stance.

Total Load (Level 1 Male Lotad)
No Sig


Corona: Level 2 Female Flaaffy
Spoiler: show
Corona was once in a herd of Mareep on a nearby farm, and the others looked up to it as a sort of leader. It would often shake its fur and swagger around like it owned the place, which it did. It evolved in order attempt to protect the rest of the herd when a pack of poochyena attacked. I was nearby at the time, and heard the ruckus. Brumble immeditely stepped in, in a rare feat of bravery, and together they fought the Poochyena. Corona shook her wool so hard in her newly evolved form that it came partly off, and stuck to the Poochyena. They ran away, yelping in pain. Corona joined my team when she realised that most of her flock had been picked off. She feels ashamed that she couldn't protect them better, and is determined to prove herself to me as a strong pokemon.
Special Technique: Static Wool [EL]
Spoiler: show
Corona learnt this attack when she evolved, as a more advanced form of all the swaggering and shaking she did as a Mareep (see bio). In an effect similar to cotton spore and thundershock combined, Corona shakes her woolly fur to make it static then launches it at the foe. Only a few spores will stick to the opponent, lowering speed and causing only 1/2 as much damage as thundershock, but causing this damage as long as the spores remain in contact. Spores can be unstuck using most attacks. Paralysis chance is also halved to 5%, and only applies on the first round. This attack uses up as much energy as thundershock and cotton spore combined and is only usable once per pokemon and twice per battle. Corona's physical defense is also reduced by 10% due to her lack of protective wool.

Sogekingoo: Level 2 Male Remoraid
Special Training: On the Isle of Snipers~ I was born~ [XX]
Spoiler: show
Sogekingoo has an uncanny talent for hitting targets that are very far away, even when they would normally be considered out of range. Sogekingoo can fire all projectile attacks (i.e. moves that fire a projectile of some sort like Bullet Seed or Rock Blast, not 'beams' like Ice Beam or Flamethrower) twice as far as normal for a Pokemon of his species. However, all such projectiles cost 1.25x the energy, regardless of whether the enemy is out of normal range or not.
In addition, due to his intensive focus on long-distance strategies, Sogekingoo can no longer use Return, Frustration or Facade.

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