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Gemini listened as Vanth explained that getting hurt was the only way they knew of to stop the voices from arguing, and asked what would make the Weezing feel better about having to hurt them. Before either head could answer, however, another one of Vanth's many personalities took hold, this one decidedly schoolgirl-esque as she asked Gemini to tell them about themselves. And then, as suddenly as it came, the original personality took back the wheel, and Vanth muttered, wondering what the hell that was. Gemini's heads exchanged glances before the larger one replied. "Well, that was unexpected," he said. "Still, we could tell you a few things about ourselves, if you want us to, of course."

Keith nodded as Coselle stated that what they should do is enjoy life. "Oh, yes," he stated. "So many other things to think about. The only thing in the future I'm thinking about right now is when we pick up where we left off," he continued with a grin. "But anyway... how about we go in the other room for now?" he asked Coselle. "There's a few Pokemon of mine I'm pretty sure you have yet to meet- I told you an Egg I got hatched into a Foongus, right? And then there's my Blue-Striped Basculin."

Over in the other room, what appeared to be a slightly oversized Poke Ball rolled slowly out from under a table- only to have it turn right side up, revealing himself to be a Foongus, who looked around shyly at all the newcomers. Noticing the only human currently in the room, Six rolled over to Marion, looked up at her, and said in an almost imperceptibly quiet voice, "Um... Hi."

As Bedivere began the new game of chess, Myrtle floated over to the Frillish, looking decidedly preoccupied about something. "Be-di-vere," she said quietly, "I was won-der-ing if I could ask your ad-vice on some-thing. It can wait un-til your game is o-ver, of course," she added, only just noticing the chessboard.

"Oh, not a problem, Myrtle," laughed Chuck. "I can wait. Go ahead and talk right now if you want."

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