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"What would make you feel better about hurting us, then? It is the only way we know." Vanth heaves a great sigh, looking forlorn. "The jolt causes some of the voices to die down completely for awhile, and others to completely forget what we were fighting about. It's such a-" Midsentence, another personality takes over, batting her eyes and giggling like a schoolgirl. "Say, Gemmy... Ummmm, like, you haven't told us much about yourself, right? Why don't you, like, do that? Like, you know, tell us stuff that makes you, ummm... like, you?" Vanth tilts her head, blinks, and suddenly looks annoyed. "What the hell was that," she asks, apparently quite appalled at the personality that had recently surfaced.

Coselle cheers up somewhat at Keith's assertion that he would rather have the love of the woman he cared for so deeply than the approval of strangers. If she was the one that he loved, he was going to stick by her, no matter what. He then goes on to say that he is not one to think much about the future, either. "Best we not start, then," Coselle says with a bit of a laugh. "With things as bleak as they are, I'd rather just not think about it. Leave that sister of mine to do the thinking for us, eh? Screw that whole Momento Mori bullshit. Enjoying life... That is exactly what we should do."

Laying on her side, Coselle clings to Keith's chest, as if for dear life, resting her head on his shoulder. She hides her face, presumably to conceal how deeply distressed she has become. "We will not think about it from this point forward, then. It is a thought that will not cross our minds. There are so many other things to think about, right?"

Cheshire chuckles a bit. "My movepool is in need of some assistance, as well... both of us need training, but one day, we shall do battle!"

Meanwhile, Bedivere brings the pieces back to their original positions, smiling calmly at his latest opponent. "Chess is a fascinating game, do you not agree? If only all disputes in this world were settled with a nice game of chess..." Bedivere sighs dreamily before picking up a white knight, moving it in the classic L-shape in front of the line of pawns. "Were chess the manner in which all kingdoms were won and lost... I would rule the world, ohohoho~"
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