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"You're welcome," Gemini's larger head replied as Vanth thanked them for snapping them out of their argument. "But... We do wish there was a better way... I... I don't feel right having to hurt you like that."

"Same here," added the Weezing's second head. "You're pretty nice. Well, most of you, anyway. If only we could use Thunder Wave- that would paralyze without causing any actual damage."

"Let them think what they want to about me, about us," Keith said to Coselle. "I know others gossip about us. And I don't let it bother me. It's not like we need their approval. Honestly, I don't give a Raticate's ass what they think of us. I told you, that day at the park, that if being with you would make me an outcast, then so be it. I stand by that statement to this day. I don't even know any of the people who I know were gossiping about us, and call me crazy, but I'd rather be with the woman I love than have the approval of complete strangers." Coselle then asked Keith if he ever thought about the future, about what will happen, and confessed that she tried not to. "I don't give it much thought myself," Keith admitted. "You could spend so much time worrying about what could happen that you forget to appreciate the present."

Back in the living room, Chuck nodded at Marion's remark on how both she and Keith were well suited to raising Gastly, given their respective specialties, and how Gastly falls under them both. "It would indeed, I'd have to say," Chuck agreed. His ever-present grin grew wider at the notion of battling Cheshire, and as Marion asked if he could take on Cheshire, Chuck replied, "As I am right now? Most assuredly not. I have little more to work with than Hypnosis, Lick, and Thunderbolt. They're all good moves, certainly, but I'm not convinced they'd be enough. But I would very much like to battle Cheshire, yes, just not until I've gained a few more moves and levels." As he said this, Bedivere declared checkmate, claiming victory over Cheshire, and asked if Chuck was ready. "Bring it," grinned Chuck as he floated over to where Cheshire had been.

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